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Publish Date : 26 January 2021 - 09:01
Meanwhile, according to the decision of the Monetary and Credit Council, car manufacturers will receive 5,000 billion tomans from the rest of the facilities predicted last year in the last months of the year. It is considered a vicious circle in the automotive industry and emphasizes the provision of a permanent solution to solve this problem.
Khodrocar - Increasing the amount of claims of parts manufacturers from the automaker and reaching a figure of more than 30 thousand billion tomans, along with other debts of the automaker, shows the need to anticipate a way out of this situation. While the central bank seeks to offset the loss by paying dripping facilities annually, the numbers are so small that they are lost like a drop in the sea of automakers' debt.

According to the activists of the automotive industry, if the orderly pricing of this industry is reviewed, the automotive industry will undoubtedly not need such facilities, and over time, it will take action to avoid losses.

"Continuation of this process, if we have gone this way before, will not cure the pain, except that every year at the end of the year, an amount is allocated that solves only the problem of the parts maker for three months, and then again. From this time on, the loss of the automaker and parts maker begins.” Omid Rezaei the expert of auto industry says.

"The painkiller currently in use does not cure the root cause, but the disease persists until it changes from a chronic to an acute illness and is no longer treatable. We are now suffering from a disease that is becoming more acute day by day and is leading the automotive industry to a deeper pit without any root canal treatment.” He said.

"We now see that the producer and the seller face losses during the year, and the government, with a decree at the end of the year, allocates the amount of the loss to the contractor to hand over to the contractor.” He mentioned.

"All institutions and authorities are involved in this issue every year, but the answer is still the repetitive answer of previous years, which is; Getting approval from the government and paying for housing is temporary, so we will see a gradual death instead of the growth of this industry, and it cannot be mentioned as the axis of development.” He called.

"Therefore, the issue of internalization and increasing the depth of internal construction and self-sufficiency will be just a slogan and none of them will be operational because we do not seek to implement it.” He continued.

"His survival cannot be expected until the conditions are right for the enterprise and his activity is limited to mandatory pricing. Today, the carmaker's debt review has increased sharply compared to the situation of the past 4 years, which shows that such approvals have only led to an increase in the carmaker's debt.” He said.

"Replacing this amount of car is equal to the production of two years of car manufacturers, which is not possible at all because the needs of the market remain unanswered, while the environmental conditions are deteriorating day by day and it is not possible to import a new car. On the other hand, the component maker also makes a loss to the production, a look at this equation shows that it is wrong, but still insists on its implementation.” He added.

"With such an automotive industry, one cannot expect technology upgrades, entry into global markets, and the relationship between industry and academia. All devices must once again work together to make a decision to solve this problem, because the license to increase prices only increases circulation if only Will increase losses.” He said.

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