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Publish Date : 25 January 2021 - 09:00
With only one month left until the end of the year, not only the plans of the Ministry of Economy, Economy and Finance for the supply of automobiles and basic metals in the form of Dara Dovom have not been offered, but also the shareholders of the automotive group. The companies had taken action and had witnessed significant losses due to the mandatory pricing of the automotive and steel industries.
Khodrocar - It was in the first month of autumn this year that the Minister of Economy and Finance announced a definitive production plan for the remaining shares of banking companies and insurance companies in the form of Dara Sevom before the end of the year, indicating the supply of automobile and metal stocks in the form of tradable funds.

The stock exchange has been canceled. Meanwhile, the director of public relations for the Privatization Organization stressed that the supply of automotive-metal stocks has not been ruled out, and that the fund will definitely be offered by the end of the year in the form of Dara II.

Now, after 11 months of the year, while there is no news about the supply of shares of cars and metals, the capital market has gone through not so favorable conditions these days, and after a long period of red cover, it has recorded three green days. Meanwhile, the bitter experience of the refinery fund shareholders, whose reopening of the symbol after months was accompanied by the loss of its buyers, is also one of the reasons that can be considered as a reason for the non-offering of car shares.

Undoubtedly, in a situation where the market is not stable and there is a not very impressive experience of a refining fund with low purchasers, whose buyers are still facing a loss of one million Tomans, there will be no determination to supply Dara Dovom or the third.

"With the current situation in the First Refinery and the current unsettled situation, the general trust in ETF funds and government transfers has completely disappeared, and the government is aware of this situation, and for this reason, the government is currently expected to have a plan. To supply ETFs do not have vehicle and base metals in their plans.” Hamed Madady, expert of stock market told khodrocar reporter.

"It is unlikely that the current shareholders of the automotive group have bought the shares of this group with the aim of offering cars in the form of ETF, but they undoubtedly had other reasons for their purchase, so it is expected to have a very negative impact on the market and the automotive group.” He said.

"It seems that with the current market fluctuations, even if offered by the government, there will be no reception from the people to buy, because the bitter experience of refineries and low-income still remains in the minds of the people.” He mentioned.

This is despite the fact that after the announcement of the supply of automobiles and base metals, the buying queue of these groups grew well, as some expected high profits for this group in the hope that the cars would be included in the ETF list.

According to the previous announcement, the fund was to be underwritten in the third quarter of this year. In other words, according to the budget law of 1999, the third investment fund that could be traded on the stock exchange should have been offered before the beginning of the winter season, which did not happen in practice. Had had a negative impact.

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