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Publish Date : 24 January 2021 - 09:03
The investigation of the 11th parliament of the automobile industry is on the agenda of the presidium of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, while in this period, objectives such as reforming the automotive industry system and investigating and dealing with crimes have been considered, which will soon enter the operational phase.
Khodrocar -  research and investigation of the automobile industry, which has been done in each term of the Islamic Consultative Assembly as one of the monitoring tools of the representatives, this period will be implemented soon with axes such as car pricing and transfer methods of automakers. But the main point of these reports and the objections to it is that it has never been used seriously and has only become a fantasy performance and has not even been considered in the compilation of upstream documents of this industry.
However, while rejecting this statement, the members of the parliament believe that the 11th parliament, while it is only about eight months old, has decided to investigate the automobile industry, which can be considered as a criterion for the serious determination of the board in this regard. Early performance can turn this report into a practical document.

Hojjatullah Firoozi, the spokesman of the Industries and Mines Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, said in an interview with a Khodrocar reporter in this regard: "One of the differences between the research and investigation of the car industry in the new parliamentary term and previous periods is when it is done." This investigation has started at the beginning of the parliament's activity and the parliament has more than three years to use the achievements of this issue.

He considers one of the reasons for not using the reports of research and investigation of the automobile industry in the previous periods of the parliament to be the inappropriate time of implementation and adds: doing late and even reading late has caused these reports to be used by previous parliaments. While the current determination of the parliament to do this issue is in a short time so that the parliament has enough time to do so.

Firoozi continues: The law provides tools for representatives to monitor industries and practices, such as questions from officials, their interpellation and questions from officials, among which research is one of the tools to the device Those who use government budgets or those that do not have sovereignty and those who carry out some acts in government should be examined, so it is a parliamentary oversight and control tool that it can use if necessary.

A spokesman for the Parliamentary Committee on Industries and Mines said: "It is even possible that in the last two years the car industry has been investigated and no objections have been found, but in the current situation, the deputies have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to do so." , This issue should be addressed.
The representative of the people of Fasa in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, stating that in the current period in the early life of the Assembly, emphasis has been placed on research and investigation in the automotive industry, states: Certainly, the output of this report will be published in less than a year. It should be used while undoubtedly the research reports of previous periods have been used and the car manufacturers are aware of the shortcomings of their system and are trying to compensate for it, and the judicial systems are also included in some of the cases and are being investigated. Have taken action.

Rejecting the ineffectiveness of the reports and the achievements of the research and investigation of previous periods of the automotive industry, he says: "Certainly, these reports are not ineffective and will have their own results."
Firoozi points out the several axes envisaged in this period of research and investigation: Obviously, the first purpose of this implementation is that the existing questions and ambiguities for the representatives on the basis of which they requested the investigation were correct or No. In the meantime, some objections may be minimal, which will be resolved with a warning, but if it is a crime, it will be sent to a judicial authority, which will investigate and investigate it.

In the end, he states that the main purpose of research and development of the automobile industry is to reform the system and, consequently, to deal with the perpetrators in case of a crime.

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