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Publish Date : 23 January 2021 - 09:01
While in the budget bill, we are witnessing a 150% growth in the projected revenue from the outflow of worn-outs, the annual budgets of this sector have not only not been realized, but also whispers and proposals to eliminate next year's budget have been criticized by industry activists.
Khodrocar - The government revenue from the decommissioning of used cars in the budget bill of 1400, is projected at 50 billion tomans, while this figure was considered 20 billion tomans this year, in other words, the revenue from the decommissioning of used cars in It will increase by 150% next year.

This amount is foreseen in the budget bill of next year in a situation where none of the allocated annual budgets has been realized due to the non-implementation of the bills envisaged for the elimination of worn-outs.

Accordingly, the Iranian Automobile Manufacturers Association has proposed deleting the budget line for scrapping and renovation from the budget law of the country, which has been strongly criticized by activists in this field, so that Seyed Amir Ahmadi, secretary of the Association of Scrapping Centers, deleted the budget line Dedicated to scrapping and modernization, he criticized the budget law of the whole country and emphasized that 7,000 vehicles have been scrapped this year, which is a long way from the targets, while in 1993, the number of scraps reached 300,000.

In the past, budget lines provided a separate line for scrapping used cars, according to which at the beginning of the year, the number of cars that had to be scrapped through scrapping centers was determined, but now the budget line is for scrapping and renovating cars. Missed because the project to remove used cars has been stopped altogether.

According to one of the clauses of the Clean Air Law, car manufacturers are obliged to renovate and remove worn-out products for 30% of their production annually, which has never been implemented in practice.

"Scrapping centers have not been able to receive funding in recent years, and the issued certificates have not been used for scrapping cars and have been spent on scrapping motorcycles.” Mostafa Joudi, member of the board of recycling yards told khodrocar reporter.

"If the government takes steps to facilitate and assist in the renovation of the worn-out fleet, it should be possible to increase scrapping and create a place of consumption for the use of scrapping certificates, otherwise the financial burden will be imposed on scrapping centers.” He said.

"The problem of removing used cars will not be solved until the government takes over, as in other countries, the domestic carmaker must commit to and play a role in the removal of used cars.” He says.

According to activists in this field, by 1404, the number of used cars in the country will reach 8 million, but last year, only 8,000 worn-out cars were scrapped, which will take years if the current scrapping process continues. .

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