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Publish Date : 22 January 2021 - 09:02
Despite declining passenger car demand in the European Union, China remains the leading automaker, and despite the outbreak of the Corona virus in recent years, it remains the leading automaker.
Khodrocar - Statistics released by the World Automobile Manufacturers Association (OICA) show that the Chinese are the undisputed power of car production in the world.

The report shows that the United States, Japan and Germany are next in line after China, which has significantly surpassed other countries in this field.

The gap between China and the next largest manufacturer is significant, with China producing 21.4 million vehicles a year, while Japan produces 8.3 million vehicles.

Production in China is growing rapidly as the entire auto industry is significantly exposed to globalization, and German manufacturers such as Volkswagen are increasingly expanding their production in China.

The Chinese, meanwhile, topped the list of automakers, with the United States leading the way with 13 million vehicles by 1999 and 12.8 million by 2000, from 2001 to 2005.

In 2006, the Japanese occupied the category with 11.5 million vehicles, while in 2009 the Chinese took first place with 13.8 million vehicles produced, and in 2018 their production reached more than 25.7 million vehicles.

Demand for passenger cars in the European Union recorded the largest decline in history in 2020, and registration for new cars fell by three million compared to 2019.

China ranks first in car production while the European passenger car market has seen a sharp drop in demand due to corona-induced restrictions.

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association said in its latest report that due to the direct impact of the corona outbreak on the passenger car market, the EU car market shrank by 23.7% last year to 9.9 million vehicles.

According to published statistics, new registrations of 3 million units have decreased compared to 2019, and the largest annual decline in demand for cars since the records were recorded in 2020.

Among the largest car markets in the region, Spain has the sharpest decline (32.3%), followed by Italy (27.9%) and France (25.5%), followed by Germany (19.1%). The demand for passenger cars in the union fell 3.3 percent to 1.1 million units.

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