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Publish Date : 21 January 2021 - 09:35
In the past two days, with the support of the automotive group, the capital market has been covered with greenery, and market experts believe that this group is currently affected by the market as a whole, and if another outcome is achieved, which does not seem far away, this group It has met with great success and will be one of the influential stocks in the market.
Khodrocar - In today's trading, the total index capital market with a growth of 33 thousand 230 units reached 1 million 183 thousand units, and in the meantime, the shares of the automotive group were preparing to enter the new month trades, which on Tuesday and the last day. In January, we witnessed the daily growth of the stock value of car leaders, and the leaders of this market became positive on the volatile market day, a trend that continued on the first day of February.

The downward trend of cars in the capital market in recent days and weeks has increased the concern of shareholders and on the other hand, this trend has increased the likelihood of collecting small shares, which has raised the concerns of experts. But in the end, after the support and stopping the downward trend of the index, the total leaders of this market were accompanied by growth. Although the group as a whole did not have the ability to cross the zero point of the border, but the return of the indicators of the car stock index to the ascent to some extent prevented the reduction of market volume and the decline of the group index.

"Undoubtedly, the factor that affects the stocks of car manufacturers and can improve the condition of this group is the whole market, and with the improvement of the market situation, the situation of the car group will also improve.” Mehdi Haji Vand, expert of auto market said. 

"This support caused the car symbol to face the buying queue, and it seems that in the current atmosphere, this group is more influenced by the market as a whole. The positive news of this group has only a temporary effect and can’t affect the totality of these stocks and in practice nothing special will happen in this group.” He said. 

Regarding the purchase of car stocks in the current situation and the improvement of prices, this car market expert states: Buying car stocks at attractive prices depends on the growth or decline of the capital market in the coming days, but without a doubt one of the factors that the market as a whole Affected, planning to reduce the price of the dollar to 15 thousand USD.

He continues: "An important factor that can bring the price of the dollar to less than 15,000 tomans is the move to Borjam and the lifting of sanctions, which is very likely, so cars along with banks are among the stocks that this The event will be effective, so although it is not recommended to buy these stocks, but it can be recommended that they review these stocks so that if the balance and price floor are reached, the shareholders of this group will enter this area in a limited way.

Hajivand states: In the medium and long term, carmakers can be re-established in the market for several reasons, including the lifting of sanctions and reaching attractive levels.

It remains to be seen how long the growing trend of the capital market, which is experiencing better days these days with the support of different directions, will continue, and in the meantime, car stocks affected by this generality will continue their growing trend. Gives.

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