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Publish Date : 18 October 2020 - 09:02
The road test center, which has been promised to be implemented for many years, is approaching the operational stage these days with the signing of the agreement to compile the Atlas of Laboratory Infrastructure Technology of the automotive industry, while the lack of financial resources and lack of funding by investors is one of the main The most common reasons for the delay in the implementation of this project.
Khodrocar - The lack of laboratory infrastructure for vehicle testing and safety and the insistence of the National Standards Organization on the implementation of the eighty-five standards these days are being eliminated with the cooperation of the government and the private sector. Experts in the field of standards consider the shortage in safety, research and development as one of the main challenges of the automotive industry and hope that these challenges will be resolved as soon as possible with the compilation of this atlas.

Meanwhile, the establishment of a road test center will be one of the main priorities of this atlas, a project that has not entered the implementation phase for years due to lack of funding.

"Mandatory standard tests are one of the main challenges of the automotive industry, and among these, the largest gap is related to crash tests and safety tests, and in the field of research and development tests, the highest gap is to the road test center.” Saeed Tajic, deputy of ISQI told khodorcar reporter.

"These two issues will definitely be defined as a priority in the compilation of the Atlas of Automotive Laboratory Infrastructure Technology, based on the agreement reached in the Strategic Committee for the Compilation of the Atlas, the first priority of the Automobile Road Testing Center has it.” He added.

"According to the schedule that will be negotiated with the Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran and the Office of the Vice President for Science and Technology, its executive schedule will be announced and the two issues of safety tests and research and development will be further examined.” He said.

"Automakers with test centers will also be invited to the executive committee, but in the meantime, the Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran, as a shareholder of automakers, can make a significant contribution to policy-making, so its role in this project is definitely more prominent.” He said.

"Therefore, the current operational capacity of automakers in the field of testing, research and development is discussed and the existing gaps are announced, so the sectors that have the potential to be developed by automakers will be excluded from the investment sector.” He continued.

The discussion of designing this project with domestic and foreign consultants has been done well and the desired land has been allocated and its operational measures have been done to some extent and the only main problem is the discussion of providing resources because the required resources are beyond the ability of investors. If the government supports the establishment of this center, like other countries, it can move forward well, while the experience of other countries also indicates government support.

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