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Publish Date : 17 October 2020 - 09:00
In a situation where the amount of supply chain claims from automakers has reached an unprecedented 34 thousand billion tomans, parts manufacturers are trying to solve their challenges by presenting 5 proposals with the policy of the Ministry of indsutry and cooperation of automakers.
Khodrocar - The latest report of the Association of Homogeneous Industries, Power Engine and Auto Parts Manufacturers announces the closure and semi-closure of 400 parts manufacturing units out of 1200 official parts manufacturers.

One of the main reasons for this is that the correction of selling prices of parts is not done in time, despite the multiple increases in the prices of raw materials and production inputs, so in 1998, automakers and parts manufacturers are facing significant losses.

According to this report, the daily value of the assets of the country's parts manufacturers is more than 800 thousand billion Tomans, while the daily value of the automakers' assets is more than 300 thousand billion Tomans, which in total the assets of the automotive industry has reached about 1100 billion Tomans. It includes 550,000 jobs for auto parts manufacturers and 150,000 jobs for carmakers, bringing the total direct employment of the auto industry to about 700,000.

According to this report, the total receivables of the domestic supply chain from automakers have reached about 34 thousand billion Tomans, while overdue receivables have reached more than 15 thousand billion Tomans, which is partly due to the increase in car production and parts price increase and the other part due to capability. Automakers are in the supply chain refund. In case of deduction of debt purchase checks assigned to banks through the supply chain, overdue receivables are more than 9 thousand billion tomans.

In this situation, parts manufacturers have made 5 proposals to solve the problems of this industry with the policy of the Ministry of Industry and the cooperation of automakers. An immediate and unconditional increase of at least 65% on account of the average price of auto parts is the first proposal.

Freezing the original bank debt of car manufacturers and parts manufacturers to the banking system and paying only the relevant bank interest to prevent bank installments from being delayed and getting caught in the process of receiving inquiries and depositing the entire amount of facilities, preparing invoices and re-obtaining facilities are other suggestions. By the parts makers.

The transfer of government debt to automakers and the one-year consolidation and freezing of government debt owed to the Social Security Administration, assets or long-term installments with payable installments and amnesty is the third proposal by automakers to address the challenges.

Other proposals of parts manufacturers can be to provide a liquidity deficit of parts manufacturers in the amount of 25 thousand billion tomans to realize the leap in production and settle arrears of automakers to the domestic supply chain by 9 thousand billion tomans by providing appropriate facilities to automakers or other methods such as Sale of surplus property and increase of their credit limit with banks due to the reform of the financial structure and granting banking facilities to parts manufacturers directly and using methods such as buying debt, opening domestic letter of credit in the total amount of 16 thousand billion tomans By relying on these solutions, some of the automakers' liquidity problems can be solved.

At the same time, allocating sufficient foreign exchange to the automotive industry about $ 4 billion a year from existing methods and meeting part of this need (about $ 1 billion) by issuing import licenses without currency transfer is one of the proposals that has been emphasized these days, but Faced with the silence of the central bank.

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