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Publish Date : 15 October 2020 - 09:02
More than 200 days have passed since the new parliament took office, and the effort to get the automotive industry out of mandatory pricing and outsourcing pricing to an institution outside of government agencies should be considered the most important achievement of the parliament
Khodrocar - in the previous sessions of the parliament, the only automotive action was limited to research and investigation of the automobile industry.

 Although in the last days of the tenth parliament, many efforts were made to approve the plan to organize the car market, but in the end the commission Article 90, which was in charge of this plan, remained empty.

 However, a review of the activities of the members of parliament, especially the Industries and Mines Commission of this parliament, shows that most of the activities are concentrated in the field of automobiles, such as the development of a plan for transformation in the automobile industry and market. Although this plan seems to be a continuation of the plan to organize the car market, the announcement of its receipt in the parliament raised hopes for an improvement in the automotive industry.

The car start of the parliament from the middle of July and with the formulation of the plan to organize the car key and the proposal of entering the car in the commodity exchange and discovering the price in this financial institution and emphasizing on removing the competition council from pricing along with facilitating the clearance of depot parts in customs. It is the 11th time, although these proposals have not yet entered the current phase, but unlike previous parliamentary sessions, the Automotive Committee of the Industrial Commission is trying to implement these cases.

Leaving the orderly pricing and emphasizing on quality improvement are among the clauses envisaged in the plan to transform and organize the automotive industry, while emphasizing the payment of parts manufacturers' claims, the numbers of which are skyrocketing these days, along with improving after-sales service. It is also one of the cases that the Industries and Mines Commission is trying to implement by implementing this new plan.

These measures are taken while some believe that the parliament still has more work to do, especially in the automotive industry, and that it can bring the industry back on track by enforcing laws. As Izadkhah, the head of the Automobile Committee of the Parliamentary Industries Commission, emphasized, the parliament has powers that it can use to solve problems. 

Accordingly, it is necessary for the parliament to rely on its authority to stop this situation and also to improve it, in a situation where the difference between the factory and market prices of some cars has reached more than 100 million Tomans.

The parliamentarians believe that the government should provide the ground for directing the stray liquidity to the productive sectors in order to get the car out of the capital goods.

 Meanwhile, it has proposed the formation of a joint think tank with the presence of the parliament, craftsmen and the Automobile and Parts Manufacturers Association. During this common think tank, the associations have made a commitment and responsibility, but have not come up with a solution for it.

According to Khodrocar, however, with the coming to power of Minister of industry, the consensus of the government and the parliament with the aim of implementing car approvals has been emphasized, which shows the positive approach of Minister of industry to the car decisions of the parliament and raises hopes that some challenges The automotive industry will be eliminated in the coming years, but these measures will be achieved only with executive solutions, while according to the representatives of this period of the parliament, the greatness of the 11th parliament is in solving the problems of different production and industrial sectors.

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