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Publish Date : 14 October 2020 - 09:07
If approved by the Chiefs of Staff and with the decision of the Automobile Committee, from now on the protection organization will be responsible for car pricing. The demand that industry activists have always sought to fulfill, but at the same time there are other different opinions about this, which emphasizes that by handing over the pricing to the protection organization, we should see a decrease in supply and car quality, while the possibility of rising prices again.
Khodrocar - Meanwhile, according to the latest statements and decisions of the Automobile Committee, the transfer of car pricing will be the responsibility of the protection organization until the supply mechanism in the commodity exchange is determined, and the implementation of this issue is awaiting approval by the leaders, but in the meantime this question arises. What will be the situation of this industry with the withdrawal of the Competition Council from the pricing cycle?

The billion-dollar loss of the automotive industry in recent years due to mandatory pricing is not hidden from anyone, and the automakers have cited the incorrect basis of the formula defined by the Competition Council as the main reason for this trend, believing that the council will pay only a percentage. Limited price increases have taken place, which has led to losses for the automotive industry. However, the members of this council have a different opinion.

"The mechanism of supplying cars in the commodity exchange is not clear yet, and the supply of this commodity changes the nature of the commodity exchange, so we are strongly opposed to this form of supply.” Says Albert Boghzian, member of national competition council.

He raised the question that should be clarified, what is the reason for offering a car on the stock exchange? He adds: "It is not clear whether the purpose of offering a car on the commodity exchange is to reduce the price or to discover it, while discovering the price is not necessary in the current situation where cars have their own customer."

Boghzian continues: In a situation where production has been reduced to one third and there are no normal conditions in the distribution of cars, it is natural for prices to reach this current level.

Emphasizing that the Competition Council has never set a price during these years, but has only determined the pricing formula, the university professor states: The Competition Council only defines the pricing instructions and formula in which The formula takes into account the cost price, car quality, productivity, production costs and previous price.

"In the past years, the carmaker has never officially announced this price and has always submitted it to the Competition Council by submitting its documents.” He added.

Boghzian adds: "This situation is while it is pretended that the automaker is in the hands of the Competition Council and prices are rising, while the Competition Council is not decisive, but only issues a competitive order, although always the price increase instruction is lower than the automakers' request, but no price will be announced by the council.

He emphasizes: the automaker should take control of its costs so that it does not get a lower number by calculating the price outside the factory.

Boghzian emphasizes that without a doubt, handing over the pricing to the price protection organization will not only reduce prices in the market, but we will also see a shortage of supply and also an increase in prices in the market. The automotive industry is defined, but the claims of automakers are detrimental to this formula.

He reminds: in the formula of the Competition Council, quality is one of the criteria for determining the price, and by handing over the pricing to the protection organization, there will be a possibility of reducing the quality.

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