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Publish Date : 13 October 2020 - 09:15
New car market prices have led to a decrease in purchasing power and zero transactions in the car market, which activists believe that with the implementation of the promises of the Central Bank to control currency prices, prices in the car market will decrease. People can’t buy a car right now!
Khodrocar - Although according to the recent decisions of the Automobile Committee, until the finalization of the supply of cars in the Commodity Exchange, the Protection Organization will replace the Competition Council in car pricing, Price to any institution can’t have a positive impact on the market if the car is not supplied on time.

"At the moment, there is no analysis of the car market, there is no buying and selling in the car market at the moment, and only the prices have reached their highest level and set new records.” Nematoallah Kashani, deputy manager of Tehran car show owners said to khodrocar reporter.

"If this promise is fulfilled and prices in the foreign exchange market are broken, we can see a decrease in prices in the car market, and the only hope for activists in this field is now.” He said.

"The cessation of trading in the car market shows that this price increase is the only psychological atmosphere in the market and the only bubble that has been created in the market.” He continued.

"Despite the news of injecting currency into the market, we have still witnessed the ineffectiveness of this issue in the car market, and the car market is still locked and no sales are made in it.” He says.

"Currency fluctuations, along with shortages in the market, have created a psychological atmosphere in the market and increased prices dramatically, although these prices are not real and are just a bubble.” He mentioned.

"It is recommended that car buyers postpone their purchases for the time being and do not buy because prices are likely to return and car sellers are hoping to reduce prices in the market again.” He says.

While many experts consider increasing production and balancing the market as a factor to adjust prices, but market participants consider the stability of the foreign exchange market as the main reason for controlling fluctuations and believe that if the exchange rate stabilizes and measures are implemented. The central bank can be expected to return prices and stop raising them.

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