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Publish Date : 01 October 2020 - 09:04
While Corona has affected the business of domestic and global automakers and reduced their incomes, governments are trying to reduce these losses to a large extent by anticipating financial aid, while in Iran no. Not only has there been no government assistance from the automotive industry, and this has led to a reduction in production, but recent decisions to continue their operations have also posed a serious challenge.
Khodrocar - The unprecedented decline in car production and sales has been exacerbated by the strengthening of the corona, and this trend has led to a bitter fate for carmakers with zero production and sales, a liquidity crisis and a loss of capital. The corona virus is pushing them to the brink of bankruptcy.

Statistics show that car sales in the European Union fell by 50 percent, in the United States by 38 percent and in China by 48 percent, and only the top eight carmakers in the West lost $ 50 billion in liquidity in the first quarter of this year. Meanwhile, 14 million people in Europe and 18 million in the United States are directly or indirectly employed in this industry.

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association, together with the Automobile Manufacturers and Suppliers Association, wrote a letter requesting financial assistance. The letter stressed that Corona has now reduced European carmakers' revenue by 20% and affected the jobs of 1.1 million people.

In France, Emmanuel Macron launched an € 8 billion program to encourage people to buy electric cars and even offered prizes, while also encouraging car companies to return factories. .

The French government is one of the governments that, with the help of $ 8.8 billion, revived the automobile industry in this country to prevent the losses and severe financial crises of this important part of the French economy.

In France, more than 400,000 people work directly in the automotive industry. In June of this year, the French government offered a € 5 billion guarantee package to Renault, with a 15% stake in the government. Renault was also seeking a € 5 billion facility to survive.

The United Kingdom also has a comprehensive plan to prevent industrial bankruptcy, and some automakers have secretly and secretly demanded a loan from the government, including automakers, under which Jaguar Land Rover can also borrow $ 1 billion. Receive a euro.

The Italian parliament also rushed to the aid of the Italian car industry by offering incentive packages and subsidies for the purchase of cars with combustion, electric and hybrid engines, and Fiat Chrysler was able to receive a loan of 6 billion euros with the support of the Italian government.

The government anticipates financial support for automakers, while Iranian automakers are facing a severe shortage of liquidity and financial resources these days, and not only have they not been financially supported, but they have continued to operate with tough decisions in the context of the corona. Has faced a serious challenge.

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