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Publish Date : 30 September 2020 - 09:04
While these days the pricing model of domestic raw materials has been criticized by activists in the automotive and parts industry, the Parts Manufacturers Association is trying to prepare a plan to change the pricing formula to prioritize the supply of raw materials for the automotive and parts industry.
Khodrocar - Complaints of parts manufacturers about the pricing of domestic raw materials these days with fluctuations and unbridled increase in exchange rates has become their main concern and demand.

At a time when parts manufacturers do not have the financial resources to supply raw materials due to rising prices on the one hand and lack of liquidity due to increasing their demands on automakers on the other, manufacturers of these materials receive multi-billion dollar profits from this place with the current pricing model.

The law on pricing based on the FOB of the Persian Gulf, which was one of the approvals of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, was approved and implemented at a time when 30,000 Toman for 1 dollar was never foreseen in the Iranian economy, but experts believe Pricing, observance of requirements and conditions as its prerequisites are necessary and necessary, including the creation of a free market environment based on the system of supply and demand.

Paying attention to expert warnings and non-mandatory interventions in the market process, including mandatory pricing, planning and assistance to industries to upgrade technology in order to increase competitiveness in a period of three to five years, a minimum tariff system to increase industry competitiveness and Of course, preventing monopolies, providing conditions for the supply of raw materials and energy at FOB rates for producers, and structural reforms based on economic principles and outside of expediency are among the emphases of experts in the process of this pricing model.

However, ignoring these requirements has caused the pricing process to face many challenges to date, so that this issue has become a serious obstacle to continued production in the parts industry.

"The association is preparing a plan in this regard. Earlier, the former minister Industry had called for the preparation of the plan proposed by the association.” Maziyar beigloo, secretary of part makers association told khodrocar reporter. "The association's proposal to improve the pricing model will be ready in the next few months, although this will require expert work as other industries, including home appliances, will also be covered by the law.”

"These manufacturers believe that when they have the opportunity to sell at world prices, why should they change this trend and reduce their profits, because so far they have earned tens of thousands of billions of tomans from this place and parts manufacturers are under the same proportion.” He said.

"The basis for discovering the price of the project that the parliament is implementing is the Persian Gulf FOB, but the association's opinion is that raw materials should be allocated according to the needs of car manufacturing and parts manufacturing, and the basis for determining the price should be the cost price plus normal profit. It can be priced at any price.” He said.

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