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Publish Date : 27 September 2020 - 09:08
The National Quality Association of Iran, with the development of a three-year plan, seeks to implement the macro model of quality management development in the parts industry to identify quality bottlenecks to identify quality challenges in parts production lines, which is subject to the approval of government managers.
Khodrocar - Lack of strategy to develop and improve the quality of the automotive industry, especially the parts industry, leading to quality problems in the final products of this industry and product production chain. Strategic development and quality improvement of the parts manufacturing industry was placed on the agenda of the National Quality Association of Iran, and finally a strategic model and basic programs for the development and quality improvement of the auto parts industry were designed.

The association has announced its readiness to implement this plan in the form of 4 phases to the first vice president, with the implementation of which zero to one hundred qualities in the production lines of parts manufacturers will be examined.

"The car industry is struggling with problems, some of which are political and go back to sanctions, and some of which are related to quality, which can be examined from different angles.” Farshid Shokr Khodaei, deputy manager of National Quality Association told khodrocar reporter.

"Some of the problems in the discussion of car quality go back to the subject of design, and despite all efforts, the possibility of raising the quality will be only to a certain level. Meanwhile, the challenges related to after-sales service include another part of the issue of quality. It has its roots in related parts manufacturing, which ultimately leads to dissatisfaction and after-sales service.” He said.

"Over the years, Sapco and Sazeh Gostar have taken similar measures and have plans to improve quality, and even provided financial and moral support for this measure to improve the quality of automakers, but over time this issue has been forgotten. It seems that the path of parts manufacturer, automaker and after-sales service is being upgraded in terms of quality, because the issue of customer satisfaction is a serious issue.” He said.

"In this way, the experience of countries such as Japan and the United States will be used. In-country training will also be evaluated to measure the consulting capacity for training 1,200 component makers in the country, and finally phase one will be designed.” He said.

"After a quick evaluation of the company and review of the financial statements, the company will be inspected and finally a report will be prepared in which the report of major defects of the company will be announced. Sapco, Sazeh Gostar and Megamotor, which are affiliated with the parts company, will be involved in this matter, after which the association's consultants will be sent to the company to solve the big problem that may be technology, management knowledge, liquidity and the like. Solve with the help of the company and achieve a three-year plan.” He mentioned.

"After this stage, the consultations will be specialized and a set of empowerment packages will be presented to the company, and the cost of these consultations will increase to one-sixth of the samples as the number of companies increases, so the action that the association intends to take is to The place of increasing the number of parts manufacturing companies should organize the price of its consultations in such a way that the best consultations in the country are provided to the parts industry at the most appropriate prices.” He continued.

"As long as the automaker is not willing to solve the quality problem, parts manufacturers are not willing to invest in this area, so a reward and punishment system should be defined so that the investment aims to improve the quality of the two achievements of long-term contracts and more timely payments.” He said.

"The association will determine the route through the Auto Parts Manufacturers Association, the Automobile Manufacturers Association and the Homogeneous Industries Association and after-sales service association. Therefore, wherever there is the highest number of dissatisfaction and breakdowns in cars, the work starts from there, so car manufacturers should provide the necessary statistics and information to the association.” He told.

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