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Publish Date : 25 September 2020 - 09:01
While in the past few months there have been many talks about the presence of military institutions in the automotive and parts industries, now with the official announcement of the plan to transform the automotive industry and market, this issue will be officially pursued from now on.
Khodrocar - according to Article 19 of this plan, military industries and companies affiliated with the Armed Forces can develop automotive technologies for manufacturing parts and mass production or custom production of automobiles. Also, the Ministry of Industry, the National Standard Organization of Iran and the police will be obliged to cover the relevant production vehicles in accordance with the current laws.

Although the officials of the military institutions say that they are not directly present in the automobile industry and that the reason for their presence in the automobile industry is assistance during the embargo, it seems that the parliament intends to automobile the military in accordance with Article 19 of the Automobile Industry and Market Transformation Plan.

Omid Rezaei, a member of the board of directors of the Association of Homogeneous Industries, Propulsion and Parts Manufacturing, in an interview with Khodrokar reporter, said about the parallel work done in this direction: If parallel work is done in this field, this objection will be returned to the car manufacturer. Because the automaker stated and emphasized that it will pursue a policy so that the parts for which there is a domestic manufacturer and which has been developed, will not be allowed to enter the defense industry.

Emphasizing that the potential of the defense industry should be used in parts that have not yet been internalized, he added: "Some of the technologies in the parts industry have no incentive for the defense industry because of their cost in The past years have been so low that there is no incentive to enter the defense industry and it does not bring much profit to him, so the real profit for him is realized when he enters areas where domesticization has not been done so far.

The activist of the parts industry states: "Maybe in some cases, the automaker will use the power of the defense industry in the short term in certain parts that are even manufactured but do not have the ability to achieve the circulation required by the automaker in parts manufacturing, in which case he will receive cash." It is not imported, but otherwise, the transfer of production of internalized parts to the Ministry of Defense is not justified, because the main smoke of this parallel work goes to the eyes of the automaker.
But at the same time, Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the IRGC Air Force, considers the efforts of experts active in the automotive industry as the main commanders of this battle, important and effective for the future self-sufficiency of the country and emphasizes the spirit of localization of parts, designing new products On the internal strength and innovation in Saipa Automotive Group can be seen, we will figure out the defeat of the enemy in achieving our goals.
Sardar Hajizadeh, stating that the defeat of the enemy in the field of sanctions against the automobile industry will be achieved by investing and paying attention to localization of parts, adds: the most important capital in the country is specialized manpower and the country's defense and military industries relying on this capital They acquired the most sophisticated knowledge and science, which was available only to a few of the world's top powers, and today they are ready to come to the aid of the country's automobile industry and meet their needs.
He describes continuous, focused, purposeful planning and the use of a coherent roadmap in the automotive industry to achieve important goals.

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