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Publish Date : 21 September 2020 - 09:04
Export of cars and parts has been emphasized as one of the clauses envisaged in the "Automotive and Parts Industry Transformation Plan" that activists in this field due to the implementation of these clauses due to coronary conditions as well as the impossibility of providing currency and transportation.
Khodrocar - They do not consider finance possible and believe that this plan is more focused on organizing the market and does not pay much attention to domestic production. The plan to transform the car industry and market was announced in the open court of the parliament, while according to the clauses envisaged in this plan, requirements are foreseen for the automaker and parts maker, one of these clauses is importing cars in exchange for exporting car parts to other countries.

Article 18 of the Automotive Industry and Market Transformation Plan stipulates that any natural or legal person may, subject to the export of automobiles, auto parts, import all electric and hybrid vehicles, or import gasoline or gas vehicles with energy labels (C) and above, and Safety index of three stars and above based on valid standard certificates, equivalent to the financial value of its exports.

However, the parts industry has always faced export challenges, and even in upstream documents such as Horizon 1404, the projected targets for the export of parts have never been operational. At the same time, in this situation, the question arises as to whether Iranian parts are currently popular in which countries, so that the proceeds can be used to import cars.

Parts industry activists believe that parts manufacturers are reluctant to use export currency to import cars due to the limited export currency and barriers to foreign exchange supply.

"This plan is more based on organizing the market based on imports and does not believe in domestic production and its role in organizing the market. While the export of parts or cars is not currently enough to import cars, at the same time, banking problems should be considered as more of a cause.” Maziyar Beigloo, secretary of part makers association told khodrocar reporter.

"Prior to Corona, some parts companies had signed joint venture agreements with powerful European companies, but with the spread of Corona, the world car industry was affected by this issue and we faced a significant reduction in production and sales of all reputable car manufacturers.” Ahmad Reza Ranaei told khdorocar reporter.

"During this period, companies that used to produce 11.5 million cars a year have now shrunk to a quarter because the discussion of tourism and the use of cars for travel and leisure has lost its nature and the purchase of cars in the world is affected.” He added.

"Due to the decline in sales of global automakers due to the prevalence of the corona, production has also decreased and therefore the production of parts for export has decreased, but this clause was already implemented and if someone can export, they can import licensed cars.” He said.

"Before Corona, this clause was not used much and was not implemented due to the unwillingness to use export currency to import cars.” He said.

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