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Publish Date : 20 September 2020 - 09:06
In today's meeting of the Industries and Mines Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, a plan to review the pricing of steel and its supply in the commodity exchange will be presented, according to which the export of the entire steel chain without supply in the exchange will be prohibited.
Khodrocar - One of the current challenges of the automotive industry is the increase in the price of raw materials, especially steel and steel sheets, because the price of this material is determined by the FOB Persian Gulf based on the law approved by the parliament. We are increasing the price of steel and its chain.

Therefore, with the significant increase in the price of currency, efforts have begun to review the pricing method, and this time the parliament and the parliamentary commission for industries and mines are looking for steel pricing in the stock market. Therefore, the prepared plan will be presented to the commission tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the approach of the Ministry of Industry is in line with the demands of automotive and parts industry activists, and they also want a change in pricing, so that according to Mehdi Sadeghi Niaraki, Deputy Minister of Industry, the ministry has emphasized the supply of products in the commodity exchange. And the reason is the benefit of steel companies from the benefits of the stock exchange and stated that the entire production of steel mills should be priced and offered on the stock exchange.

"The most important raw material of the automotive industry is steel and cold rolled sheet, and accordingly, with the aim of organizing the steel market, a meeting was held yesterday to sell steel and price it only through the stock exchange, which we hope will be presented in parliament this week.” Mostafa Taheri, member of the commission of industry and mine of the parliament told khodrocar reporter.

"Due to the increase in costs, despite pricing based on FOB Persian Gulf, neither wages are calculated at the new price nor raw materials are purchased based on these prices, but only the selling price of steel based on FOB Persian Gulf and price increase Currency is done for which there is no reason.” He said.

"The parliament is seeking to determine a formula so that this increase is not commensurate with the increase in the exchange rate, and the details of this plan will be discussed today, Sunday, in the Industries and Mines Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly.” He continued.

"In this plan, two issues of pricing in the stock market with the aim of preventing price increases at the same time with price fluctuations and also the dissatisfaction of steelmakers and steel chains with these prices so that now the sheet is sold 1.3 times the world price and the free market And the margin is higher than the official price, which with the implementation of this plan, we seek to organize this situation so that there is no supply outside the stock market, and by dumping, we prevent the increase in steel prices at the same time as the exchange rate increases.” He mentioned.

"Accordingly, it must first be listed on the stock exchange and the customer's surplus needs to be exported, which can lead to adjustment of steel prices.” He said.

"Even with the implementation of this plan, the steelmakers will make a profit and not make a loss, and only their profit will be reduced, so this plan will be presented to the commission tomorrow and a decision will be made about it.” He added.

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