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Publish Date : 17 September 2020 - 09:06
While the performance of legal entities in the capital market and their negative impact on stock growth has been criticized, capital market experts believe that at the same time as a stock becomes a major symbol, it is necessary for companies affiliated with that symbol to take action and market. Seek to protect the interests of the company because the rights of this share, like other activists, are allowed to buy and sell their shares.
Khodrocar - Yesterday, the capital market returned to the peak of 1,700 units with a growth of 39,055 units, which led to a 2.37% growth of the total index compared to the previous day.

A review of transactions shows that cars were ranked among the most viewed symbols of the stock exchange, so that Khogstar was placed in the most popular group of the stock exchange along with symbols such as vebmalt and family, and the volume of transactions in the automotive group increased with increasing supply by legal entities.

A look at the trading volume in the car symbol shows a transaction of about 3 billion shares and Khasapa also shows a trade of about two billion shares, which capital market experts consider the value of transactions of both symbols to be an acceptable figure.

But at the same time, there are drawbacks to the legal performance of these symbols, because in a situation where the market is growing to return the share to its ideal point, the legalists increased the supply too much, and this led to the market is going back a bit.

An examination of yesterday's trading of the car symbol shows that 90% of the sellers of this share are legal entities, which also decreased to 15% today, but nevertheless led to market turmoil and devaluation of this symbol.

In the meantime, the question arises whether, according to the predictions made, it was not stipulated that legal entities do not have the right to offer?

"Legal entities, like other shareholders and market participants, should be allowed to buy and sell their shares. Iran Khodro shares have become very large shares, and the role of market makers that existed for this company, such as Samand and Khogstar Investments, should be traded without Marketing in practice can’t work.” Homayoon Darabi, expert of stock market told khodrocar reporter.

"Accordingly, there is no requirement for the amount of supply or sale of legal entities, and the only requirement is that Iran Khodro's subsidiaries operate to market and manage stock design.” He said.

Accordingly, it is necessary for the market management to be able to provide a reasonable and imperceptible flow for investors in a moment by calling the main stakeholders and actors of the stock market.

In the current situation, the stock market is in dire need of gaining the trust of investors and is faced with challenges and tensions with the slightest signs such as lack of support for idle offerings. Manage logical processes and large companies should manage their subsidiaries and control their supply and demand.

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