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Publish Date : 15 September 2020 - 09:18
While the automotive group has been affected by the closure of the two symbols Khasapa and Khodro, capital market experts believe that the timing of the opening of these two symbols is not an important issue, but what is of great importance is the opening position of the symbol while it is expected. Due to a set of factors, the symbol of this group will start its work with a positive trend.
Khodrocar - The growth of 29,000 units of the index yesterday led to the growth of the automobile group, but the two main symbols of this group, which include Khasapa and Khodro, are still closed, and the other shareholders of this group got loose from these two symbols.

Since the day when the two main symbols of carmakers were stopped, the supply pressure and negative psychological atmosphere on other car symbols have increased with a spice of fear, and the reopening of the car and Khasapa will definitely establish a better atmosphere in this group.

Yesterday coincided with the growth of the day index, which was relatively good for the automotive group, and at the same time, moves were made to gather the sales queue of Khobehman and Khapars, although until the middle of the day, more than the base volume was traded in these symbols.

But in general, capital market experts believe that the balance of the automobile group will have a significant impact on the psychological atmosphere of the entire market and will pave the way for the reopening of the car and the car.

"In the last 50 days, we have witnessed a negative downward trend in the capital market, which caused a 25% drop in the stock market index and an average drop of up to 60% in various symbols, which led to a negative psychological atmosphere in society. The spark for this distrust was the comments and speech therapy of some officials who promised the market to be positive, and as a result, we saw a temporary positive market and the resumption of the negative market trend.” Mehdi Hajivand, expert of stock market told khodrocar reporter.

"Speech therapy also did not have a positive effect on the market, and market managers preferred to first close the symbol of refining and petrochemicals under the pretext of disclosing information A, and then to cars as companies that account for a large volume of transactions. Therefore, the continuation of the stop of this symbol is the reason to balance the transactions by balancing the psychological atmosphere and restoring the lost trust, and then return the big companies, including these two automakers, to the market.” He said.

"In what market position is the opening of this symbol more important than the time of its reopening, because if the market as a whole is positive, cars can also have a balanced and positive trend on the day of reopening, but if the market atmosphere is positive, despite the positive news heard It seems that these symbols will be negative.” He mentioned.

"These two symbols are expected to open soon, and in the meantime, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that if the market trend is balanced or growing, according to the news heard from the automotive industry in recent days, these automakers should have a positive symbol. Unless the rights of this group have another program or the market atmosphere is negative.” He said.

"Iran Khodro stock prices have dropped by 50% in recent times. On the other hand, we have had general inflation in the society during the last two months, and since inflation is the driver of the capital market, it can be a factor for market growth. Meanwhile, the production statistics of carmakers have grown, which is equal to the income of more carmakers, which is good news for the shareholders of this group.” He continued.

"Inflation, rising production costs of automakers and the free market, which is a line for the Competition Council with the aim of raising prices, are expected to increase car prices, which due to these factors will open the symbol of cars with growth unless another is predicted.” He said.

Saeed Eslami, a capital market expert, believes that if you want to support the capital market, eliminate pricing rents in industries, so if pricing in the automotive, steel, rubber, etc. industries is reformed, the stocks of companies in these industries will prosper in the stock market. .

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