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Publish Date : 14 September 2020 - 09:01
The automakers have predicted a growth plan for production and production of 1.5 million units for this year, which will increase the production of defective cars if the currency is not provided in time and the imported parts are cleared, a warning that was issued before this was given but no attention was paid to it.
Khodrocar - The increase in the number of defective cars on the floor of carmakers' parking lots to more than 100,000 vehicles, while a study conducted by inspection agencies and the Ministry of Silence reveals a shortage of car parts in parking lots.

The automakers consider these parts to be imported and believe that the reasons for their non-supply and timely clearance are largely clear, and that the Customs of the Islamic Republic, as well as the Central Bank and other related agencies, are fully aware of the situation.

Undoubtedly, this is the capital of the automaker and parts manufacturer, which is stored in the parking lots, while it was possible to prevent this from happening with the cooperation of the Central Bank and the Customs, based on the timely allocation of currency and also the facilitation of clearance.

"Currently, 99.9% of defective cars are waiting for imported parts, and if the supply of currency and the problems related to currency allocation and clearance were solved, the problem of shortage of parts would not be created.” Omid Rezaei, member of the board of directors of part industry association told khodrocar reporter.

"Nowadays, many internal parts, even car headlights, are currency dependent, and the main problem is import, and the construction of importing these parts is in all respects, and many parts are still dependent. In imported shipments, a series of raw materials are imported to extract another product, and without a doubt, 99.9% of the parts that lead to the sleep of the production lines, both in terms of raw materials and semi-finished parts, are imported parts.” He said.

"Insisting on the production of an incomplete car is the policy of the automaker, but apart from the issue, part of these products is related to pre-sales, and an obligation has been created that must be fulfilled, and when there is no clearance problem, the circulation increases significantly and compensates for losses. So long-term pre-sales and immediate delivery should be done as soon as possible so the automaker has to produce.” He told.

"Automakers should have thought about the shortage of parts when the conditions were right, and should have taken steps to anticipate solutions. Also, there is no currency for allocation, so when the budget is provided, the problem is less than the other two parts.” He continued.

"Customs systems have moved towards percentage clearance and some of the depot parts are the same as the remaining percentages, and the automaker and parts manufacturer succeeded in clearing a percentage of the parts, the rest of which led to the production line falling asleep.” He said.

Rezaei reminds that at the beginning of the year, due to the parts depot, there was no problem for production and there was no obstacle until the end of June, but from June due to currency fluctuations and money transfer and long process of banks and finally lack of liquidity.

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