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Publish Date : 13 September 2020 - 09:01
The pricing of new cars was done by the Competition Council, while previously it was emphasized on the necessity of implementing this matter and the current losses of car manufacturers were mentioned as an example of mandatory pricing. It also took over the pricing of new cars.
Khodrocar - Previously, the Competition Council in car pricing had a base price, and one way to get a base price was to determine the base price itself if the market is equilibrium, the same trend as in 1390 and 1391 for some cars were obtained.

According to the Competition Council, now that the import of cars has stopped and these cars are monopolized, another method of pricing should be sought, one of which is costing or cassette plus, but the Competition Council has so far used this method. He did not use it because there is a high possibility of doubt in it.

At the same time, establishing a commercial clinic is another method used to price a car, and experts emphasize its implementation. It is said that in this clinic, a report was presented on the facilities, options and level of technology used in the new cars, and the cost price of each of these facilities is calculated and examined in foreign currency and Rials.

"For a car that has just entered the market, this model of pricing does not seem very reasonable because the price of these cars must be discovered in the market.” Saeed Madani, former SAIPA automotive group CEO told khodrocar reporter.

"Space must be created for new cars to be offered at real prices in the market so that the carmaker can also get out of the loss and at the same time the buyer who wants to buy this car will be able to buy at new prices.” He added.

"Now is a good opportunity for new cars to be provided with reasonable prices, conditions to continue production or even stop it, because if there is a good profit margin for the car, the automaker will continue production.” He said.

"One of the methods is to set up a clinic, during which buyers visit the car and announce their bid price. This is in a situation where the price of cars has increased and buyers can compare the prices of domestic and foreign cars and This car price is based on a statistical community.” He added.

"Therefore, the obtained price will be the pricing criterion and it should not be changed, because otherwise we will see an increase in the distance between the factory price and the market, which can’t be controlled, but if there is a reason to discover the price from the beginning, if the car enters there will be no problem with the margins of the market.” He continued.

"But if the order price is set, there will be no incentive to do new projects. Currently, foreign companies are reluctant to invest in Iran because they say that the price index is the market all over the world, but in Iran, government pricing is done. Therefore, new projects should be allowed to benefit the automaker.” He said.

Automotive industry experts believe that aligning automotive factory prices with currency fluctuations, as well as changes in the prices of production inputs, can help automakers to prevent production to the detriment of their products to some extent. Instead of increasing the price on a seasonal basis, it is better to approach the defined supply and demand formula as much as possible, because the change in the seasonal price is still far from the supply and demand system, and the car price is still determined in an orderly manner. This can have consequences.

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