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Publish Date : 12 September 2020 - 09:05
According to the plan for the transformation of the car industry and market, which was announced in the parliament on the last working day of last week, from now on, in addition to protecting the consumer, the carmaker will also be subject to protection and fines that can regulate this industry.
Khodrocar - The plan for transformation in the car industry and market, which was previously referred to as the reorganization plan, was seriously pursued in the 11th parliament, so that it seems that this week, by sending this plan to the commission, the final review work will be done and submitted for approval.

"The main goal of this project is not only to organize the car market but also all sectors of the industry, including parts manufacturing, production, supply and after-sales service.” Hojat Firozai, speaker of industry commission of the parliament.

"According to this plan, cars that have a high circulation will be priced and offered in the stock exchange, and cars that have a low circulation before the approval of this plan will be exempted from being offered in the stock exchange. Small car companies that have had limited circulation in the past year are an exception to this rule.” He added.

"With the supply of cars on the stock exchange, the greater the distance between the price and the sale price, a certain percentage of profit is considered for the carmaker and not all of this income goes into the carmaker's pocket, which makes market management possible. A fund set up at the Ministry of Industry will be deposited with a specific location. At the same time, if the automaker produces a quality car, it will be given a percentage, and the higher the quality, the higher the score." He said.

"Part of the fund's income will be allocated to the facilities received by automakers in order to provide working capital. In addition, a design system will record all the parts required by the automaker and information about the amount of need, production, supply and price. It will be included so that consumers can also access the final price of a car.” He called.

"This number will be written on the car document and car card, and any car that does not have this number will be recognized as an unknown car in case of a transaction, which will result in a fine for the buyer and seller.” He said.

"According to this plan, a car that is not offered on the stock exchange is an example of criminality, in which case the car is considered a smuggled goods. In the meantime, after-sales service repair shops are also ranked. In addition, cars are insured at the expense of the car manufacturer for up to three years, and the costs will be paid through insurance companies, which means that these repair shops have connections with insurance companies. The car owner only pays the deductible.” He said.

"The pre-sale profit is known and will be given to the buyer, and if the automaker is unable to fulfill its obligations in the pre-sale, a new pre-sale permit will not be issued to him. Also, if the automaker does not fulfill its obligations in a certain time, it will be subject to a fine.” He said.

"In this plan, a mechanism was defined for handmade and upgraded vehicles so that the initiators of this action would be allowed to do so. Meanwhile, regarding the cooperation of the military with the automobile industry, it was predicted that they would be allowed to produce cars if they could and there is no prohibition for them.” He continued.

For faster implementation, this plan was announced as a normal plan so that it would be easy to announce its receipt, and we hope that it will be referred to the Industries Commission within the next three days, so that it can be reviewed and sent for approval.

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