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Publish Date : 15 August 2020 - 09:06
While tire market participants do not see any reason for the double price of this product in the market, the manufacturers cite the improper performance of sales representatives as the reason for this trend and believe that prices should be determined based on supply and demand.
Khodrocar - Pricing based on supply and demand in any market is one of the main mechanisms of market regulation that neglecting this issue in the tire market has led to a huge price difference between the factory and the market.

Tire sellers believe that some of the agencies are buying tires out of their quota and this is will make turbulence in the market. So lack of proper distribution is the reason for two price tires in the market and needs a solution.

"Any product that is in high demand and supply is limited, will inevitably be accompanied by an increase in price. In recent times, the supply of tires to the market by factories has decreased, and this improper distribution of goods has led to an increase in tire prices.” Mostafa Tanha, speaker of tire manufacturers association told khodrocar reporter.

"In this regard, the tire is no exception to this rule and every capital owner buys goods, the next day she sells them in the market at any price she wants.” He said.

"The producers are not to blame for the high prices, because the producers offer their goods to the agencies at the approved rate. Even in tire factories, some offer a significant percentage of up to 40% of their product through their sales site, and the final and real consumer can go to the site and buy his tire at the approved price by registering his order, while as a sales site There are no cars that will sell out in two minutes and the site will be closed.” He mentioned.

"In order to buy some raw materials needed by this industry, despite a certain price, we have to buy at three times the price so that production does not stop and factories do not close, and in some cases the decrease in supply occurs because the currency is not supplied or supplied on time. Cannot be transferred.” He added.

"These materials are not limited to foreign raw materials, but manufacturers also face many problems in supplying domestic raw materials.” He said.

"The tariff rate for domestically produced materials has a high price and it is difficult to provide foreign exchange and it has a high price.” He said.

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