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Publish Date : 13 August 2020 - 09:05
While carmakers are announcing the supply of 43,000 cars in the coming weeks, market experts believe that due to the time consuming supply of this amount of cars on the one hand and also the lack of economic stability and reluctance of car owners to sell cars, the supply of these cars will also have no effect on market.
Khodrocar - The supply of 43,000 cars in the coming weeks is planned by the automakers, while these days the market is more thirsty for supply than ever before, and it seems that the delivery of this amount of cars to buyers can bring a lot of calm to the market.

As the automotive industry is struggling with the shortage of parts these days, this trend has led to the production of about 90,000 defective cars, which has led to a shortage of supply and further inflammation in the car market.

Completion and commercialization of 43,000 vehicles, while according to the plans made by the customs, the depot parts required by the parts manufacturers will be cleared soon, and since many of these defective vehicles are waiting for imported parts, this decision can accelerate the completion of defective vehicles.

However, car market experts have a different opinion and believe that even the supply of these cars will not have an impact on the market because the owners of these cars are not willing to sell their cars due to economic instability.

"Since it is possible that even 10% of these cars will not be marketed, it will not have a price effect on the market. Despite the decline in prices in the car market, but due to its dependence on the dollar, a certain situation does not prevail in the car market, but still has a 10% impact on car prices, which shows a little time to show this impact on the car market.” Kazem Mohammadi Nickhah, member of car show owners union told khodrocar reporter.

"Completing and commercializing 43,000 of the 80,000 defective cars will definitely take time, and we will no doubt see no impact on the car market until the dollar stabilizes. In the current situation, due to instability, it is not possible to announce a fixed price for cars, and more supply of cars is effective when the price of the dollar falls. If the price of the dollar rises, prices in the car market will undoubtedly increase.” He said.

"Since the buyers of these cars are consumers and have bought to save their money, it seems unlikely that the delivered cars will enter the market soon, while it seems unlikely that the prices will be reduce.” He added.

Since, according to car market experts, this market is not deep enough in the country, or in other words, there is not much supplier and consumer market, this has made pricing much easier, in this situation due to the limited number The supplier, the possibility of them gaining power is significantly increased and suitable conditions are provided for the activities of violators. Now, in this situation, only more supply from automakers can calm the market while balancing supply and demand.

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