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Publish Date : 12 August 2020 - 09:08
Simultaneously with the change of the second plan for the supply of refineries called “DaraDovom”and the negative impact of this decision on the capital market, we witnessed long sales queues in the capital market, which eventually changed the decision of managers and a specific time was set for the supply of “DaraDovom”. This raises the question of where, under these circumstances, the status of “Darasevom”, which includes the automotive and base metals group, will reach.
Khodrocar - These days, when the capital market has faced a lot of fluctuations due to the emotional behaviors of investors, the car group has also experienced a price drop due to this trend, so that according to available statistics, the price correction in the car group has been about 15 to 20%. Is. This hasty reform, much of which was due to the sudden decision to shut down "DaraDovom”, has left the fate of "Darasevom”, which includes the automotive and base metals group, with many ambiguities. In addition, it is possible that the release of this group will be delayed or suspended.

" "Darasevom” will be offered under the title of Automotive and Basic Metals Group, and what determines the supply of this group, according to the Minister of Economy, Cooperation and Support of the Minister of Industry, so the shares will be offered in the form of "Darasevom”in the absence of problems.” Mehdi Haji Vand, expert of stock market said to khodrocar reporter.

"The cars had a good growth and the lack of supply of "DaraDovom” caused this group to reform like the whole market and it is predicted that about 30% of the correction has been done in the automotive group, so with the return of refineries and the market as a whole, These cases are balanced or at least do not continue their negative trend.” He said.

"With no doubt this would have effects from "DaraDovom” and the government will sell the group with a higher price. It is a chance to heat up the price of refineries and this would be excellent for the cars and steels.” He said.

"Perhaps the automotive group will continue to grow at a slower pace than the refineries, while previously the stock of automobiles had hit a price ceiling, which seems to be in line with the refineries. They had registered to proceed.” He said.

"There is still no clear approach from the officials in this regard. This is while there was talk of power supply of petrochemical stocks, but in practice this did not happen, but nevertheless, if accompanied by the Minister of Industry, the cars will undoubtedly be easily "Darasevom”. At the same time, a psychological atmosphere has been created regarding the supply of cars in the society, which due to the bad experience of canceling "Daradovom”, there is no possibility of repeating these conditions in "Darasevom”.” He mentioned.

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