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Publish Date : 11 August 2020 - 09:02
While automakers are trying to commercialize incomplete cars and now by the new laws of clearance, electric and hi-tech parts are the priority for clearance from customs.
Khodrocar - The depot of more than 90,000 defective cars due to lack of parts and the impossibility of customs clearance of parts in a situation where less than a year has passed since the automakers tried to reduce the number of defective cars to zero, these days has led to reduced supply by automakers.

Lack of currency with the aim of clearing parts has been one of the main reasons for the production of defective cars in recent times.

After the Central Bank announced export currency as the only way to supply parts manufacturers' currency, the problem of parts manufacturers entered a new phase because exporters do not easily provide their export currency to parts manufacturers, and this situation led to the production of more defective cars.

Now, Iran Khodro has announced its plan to commercialize 35,000 cars at the same time as the company's summer vacation, which raises the question of what opening has been made in this field that has made it possible to commercialize?

"These parts cannot be cleared due to foreign exchange supply, while the supply of single parts that are supplied through imports has also faced problems because a large part of the depot parts available in customs includes this category of parts.” Arash Mohebi Nejad, secretary of part makers association told khodrocar reporter.

"The clearance of parts is interrupted due to customs issues as well as the supply of foreign exchange. While the current parts can be easily supplied, the main problem will be the single parts.” He said.

"With the beginning of the summer holidays, there is a good opportunity for commercialization, while incomplete cars do not have a shortage of current and ordinary parts, and with the percentage clearance of parts, the problem of commercialization of cars will be solved.” He continued.

"According to the plan, the percentage of parts needed for commercialization of cars will be cleared.” He said.

In a situation where parts manufacturers, in addition to lack of liquidity and foreign exchange, are facing the problem of increasing the price of raw materials, providing conditions for production is one of the necessities of this industry.

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