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Publish Date : 09 August 2020 - 09:24
At a time when car prices are soaring in the market and purchasing power is falling sharply, statements about the impact of rising liquidity on car prices and turning them into a capital good have become even stronger.
Khodrocar - These days, the sharp increase in liquidity has affected all markets, one of which is the automobile, to the extent that it has turned this commodity from a consumer commodity into an asset. In the past, the price of a Hyundai Tucson car was 100 million tomans, but now this car is traded at a price of more than 800 million tomans, which shows that the car has become a capital good.

"The conversion of cars into 0 capital goods has started in Iran since the 70's and we do not consider cars as non-capital goods because they are considered as property and assets in all life and play a role in the basic vacuums of families.” Mehdi Dadfar, secretary of car importers union told khodrocar reporter.

"One of the signs of improving the quality of families is the car and it is considered as increasing the level of family welfare. The type of interactions and culture is also determined from the car under the control of families. The car may be a consumer good in some countries, but in Iran Khodro it does not play this role due to the monopoly market and the very high price resulting from the monopoly.” He said.

"High production, access to the best car models at the lowest cost and easy change of cars have made cars a consumer good in these countries.” He added.

"In these countries, the best cars with the best quality are provided to the people with long-term installments, because the car production technology is becoming more up-to-date, but in Iran, a car is produced for a long time and despite the changes, the same car is still available. People are placed that this market is undoubtedly not competitive.” He continued.

"In the current situation, it seems that there is no relationship between the two. Maybe the central bank has created unsupported money and entered the market, but the inflation element of the car is not excess liquidity in the market, but a decrease in supply is the reason for 80% price increase because supply Proportional to demand will reduce prices sharply.” He said.

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