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Publish Date : 08 August 2020 - 10:53
Dongfeng Motor is a Chinese automobile company, which is known as the largest automaker in the People's Republic of China, and is currently recognized as one of the four largest automakers in China, along with Changan Motors, Faw Group and Psych Motor.
Khodrocar - Dongfeng Motor Company was established in 1968 in Hubei Province and is currently engaged in the production and assembly of automobiles, buses, trucks and commercial vehicles, as well as the production of auto parts.

Dongfeng Motor produced more than 2.76 million vehicles in 2012.

Dongfeng shares are traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The company made its first public transfer of shares in 2005, although 70% of its shares remain with the Chinese central government.

The name of Dongfeng Truck Manufacturing is DFCV, which is 45% owned by Volvo Trucks.

With the help of Volvo Trucks and Renault Trucks (one of Volvo Group's largest subsidiaries), Dongfeng was able to enter European markets as the first colorful Chinese.

Dongfeng entered Iran as Saipa Diesel's trading partner in the sale of trucks after the start of international sanctions on Iran and the severance of ties between major automotive companies. The T300 and T375 trucks were the first Dongfeng trucks in Iran, which were later assembled in Iran under the letters Alborz and Kaveh.

In April of 1995, Dongfeng h30 was introduced as a new product of Iran Khodro; And then it was sold to Iranians under certain conditions.

It was last year that after the publication of pictures of two Dongfeng AX3 and AX4 cars in Iran Khodro, speculations that the Chinese automaker would cooperate more with Iran Khodro and assemble these two new products in Iran became stronger. But at the same time, some believed that Iran Khodro had brought these cars to the Tehran factory to carry out its engineering and research processes, because at the same time, the production of the old product of this company in Iran Khodro had been stopped.

Since Dongfeng and Iran Khodro both had a common partner called Peugeot, and given that Iran Khodro's national and new platforms were designed based on the PSA Group PF1 platform structure, sampling from Dongfeng AX4 and AX3 is possible. It was able to be part of the engineering process of national and new products of Iran Khodro.

But some considered this possibility to be very low, because the samples of imported cars were seen in the product warehouse or the department related to Iran Khodro's marketing and sales department, and had nothing to do with the company's research center, but stopped the production of H30 cross. He said that at present the company has no plans to continue cooperation with Iran.
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