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Publish Date : 04 August 2020 - 01:14
The increase in the price of raw materials in the automotive industry has made the need for pricing reform in this area more than before, and activists in this field believe that miners are the main reason for the increase in prices in this area.
Khodrocar - Determining the price of domestic raw materials based on the Persian Gulf FOB, which is a law approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly, these days and simultaneously with fluctuations in the price of the dollar, or in other words, the devaluation of the national currency has become the main challenge for the automotive industry. The field, especially the component makers, are calling for reforms in this regard.

This situation is while steelmakers as the main supplier of raw materials to the automotive industry believe that the price increase created in this area is more by miners and with the aim of development measures, and now that the issue of price reform has been raised, it is better that any action In this regard, it should be done in accordance with the interests of both parties.

"Currently, the calculated price coefficients are even higher than the factory door price to reach the cost of FOB, because the FOB price has a lower percentage of customs deficit, loading, unloading and transportation, so the current price is higher. It is sold at a phobic price.” Reza Shahrestani, member of the board of steel producers union told khodrocar reporter.

"Each percentage increase in price adds at least 5 percent to the cost price, which will vary from material to material, making prices even more staggering.” He said.

"The current excuse of mining producers to increase the price of products is that there is no capital available for the development of mines, so it is necessary to increase prices with the aim of making new investments. Lack of resources and liquidity, how they set up a steel plant.” He added.

"Instead of setting up a new plant, this capital should have been spent on developing the mines, but by doing so, they have imposed their overhead costs on the steel companies, while we are all members of the same family and should complete the chain where There is a vacuum to invest.” He said.
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