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Publish Date : 02 August 2020 - 09:05
While some consider the significant growth of automobile stocks to be contrary to the nature of this group, economic activists cite the positive impact of inflation as well as the increase in the exchange rate on automakers' assets as the main reason for this growth and emphasize the real stock prices of automakers.
Khodrocar - At a time when the country's economy and subsequent parallel markets are plagued by currency fluctuations and its impact on prices, the shares of the automotive group continue to grow and set new records in terms of the growth of its stock value, and in this process there is a bubble of car manufacturers' stock rates.

But at the same time, capital market activists believe that this is real growth, and the increase in capital from the place of revaluations, as well as inflation created in the automakers' assets, has led to the growth of this price, and there is no news of a price bubble.

However, Mehdi Hajivand, a senior expert in the capital market, said in an interview with Khodrokar that if we look at different symbols and car stocks, we will find that their intrinsic value and share value are not the same as the existing reality, but at the same time The point is that we should not ignore the fact that inflation has occurred in the economy, and when housing and even food prices have risen by more than 50 percent, it is natural for cars to see stock prices rise as well.

"There is a 50% inflation forecast by the end of the year, so the stock market is anticipating this amount of inflation, which is normal because it is bought and reflected in the future stock market.” He added.

"Although nothing special has happened in the industry and the companies do not produce a specific product, and at the same time no new liquidity has entered the car companies and the production has not increased, but inflation has caused the Rial assets of the car manufacturers to increase. Therefore, part of the increase in stock prices that occurred in the automotive industry is due to the assets under their control.” He said.

"Accordingly, the government intends to increase the stock prices of Iran Khodro and Saipa with this measure so that it is possible to sell ETFs at a higher price to provide funding and to compensate the annual budget deficit to some extent.” he said.

"The set of factors go hand in hand to increase the stock price of automobiles, and although this criticism is now coming from the stock price of refineries, which should not rise sharply, this trend should also be true for automobiles.” He mentioned.

"Undoubtedly, this group will be affected by the overall index, and after the good correction that the market has made in the past few days, we have to wait for how the market as a whole.” He said.

"Time automakers trading is the capital market in the afternoon, so it will be strongly affected by morning market fluctuations, so if the trading situation is positive in the morning, car stocks will also be positive, because the shares of this group are not separate from the market.” He continued.

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