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Publish Date : 01 August 2020 - 09:10
At a time when parts manufacturers are complaining about the lack of cooperation from exporters of the mining industry, and this procedure is considered contrary to the agreement reached with Imidro, mining activists believe that the copper and steel industry has already started its cooperation with the automotive industry. They have made their exports available to the automotive and parts industry.
Khodrocar - The allocation of foreign exchange from exports to the automotive industry, which was approved following consultations with industry officials with the central bank, has been protested by parts manufacturers these days because they believe that this measure has not yet entered the implementation phase and this More than ever, the industry is waiting for foreign exchange to meet its needs.

"Currently, not only the automotive industry but also other sectors have used the export currency of the mining sector.” Bahram Shakouri, head of mining commission of chamber of commerce told khodrocar reporter.

"Now, copper exporters have come to the aid of the automotive sector and provided the currency of their exports to this sector,the projected currency in this field is the currency of exports, and despite the problems in Export route In terms of sanctions, exports continue and many companies are successful in this direction, including petrochemicals and minerals.” He emphasized.

"Now that the Steelers have fully imported the currency from their exports and provided it to the automotive industry, the National Iranian Copper Industries Company has allocated a major part of the currency from its exports to the needs of the country. One of these requirements has been parts and automotive companies.” He said.

"The imported currency is imported through the system in the form of Nimay currency. In the past, the price of the currency in this system was close to Nimay currency, but recently, with the fluctuations, the price of Nimay currency has moved away from the free currency, and this price difference has widened.” He said.

"Exporters are forced to deliver currencies to the system, which has become a serious challenge for them, and one of the complaints of exporters is why they should export and export the currency at a much lower price in the supply system. This has become one of the demands of economic activists so that the government can launch the Nima parallel market so that its price is equal to the free currency or adjust the Nima system in such a way that the price of the Nima currency is very different from the price of the currency. Do not be free because the current trend hurts economic actors.” He mentioned.

"Many economic actors now have to use free currency to supply their equipment, and if this does not happen, the copper and steel industry, which today is next to the automotive and parts industry, will give their currency to other industries in the future.” He called.

In the current situation where we are witnessing currency fluctuations, the need to set a specific price for the export currency in order to encourage exporters to import export currency is more important than ever because the current situation is not only incentive for the exporter but also has to find him. encourages escape routes.

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