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Publish Date : 30 July 2020 - 09:12
Efforts to maintain the value of money in a situation where we are witnessing a decrease in this value due to currency fluctuations, these days have increased demand in every market and it is natural that the car market will not be an exception to this rule. Cars worth 500 million to two billion tomans.
Khodrocar - These days, when the capital market hosts stray liquidity and car buying and selling sites are not allowed to record prices, the car market has been marginalized and many car industry activists believe that the motive for brokerage in this market has disappeared and stray capital from This market has left, but currency fluctuations have caused a price shock in this market.

"Since last month and at the same time with the beginning of currency fluctuations, we have witnessed an average increase of 30% in car prices in the market.” Mahmoud Mokhles, deputy manager of Tehran’s car show owners union told khodrocar reporter.

"From the last two weeks until now, the price of cars in the market has been increasing and since the production and supply to the market is not done enough, the number of cars in the market is not enough and is limited, and in this situation, car owners and sellers are determined. Determine the price of the car and set the prices in the market.” He added.

"Currently, the foreign car market has 500 million to two billion tomans at its disposal, and cars above two billion tomans have far fewer transactions.” He said.

"In the past, at the same time with the increase in the exchange rate, we saw the price of cars in the market, but with the decrease in the exchange rate, prices in the market were not adjusted, and this time the same thing happened and with a slight decrease in the dollar, we are in the market of cars.” He continued.

"Prices will be high until the car enters the market sufficiently and there is no alternative to it, which has also contributed to the stagnation of the car market and now we see that although the transaction is limited, the amount of purchase and sales have plummeted.” He added.

"A review of car prices shows that since two weeks ago, prices have not increased much, but compared to the previous month, we have seen a price increase of about 30%, so that the price of sports jokes was bought and sold for 800 million tomans until last month, but now This price has reached about one billion and 100 million tomans. Meanwhile, Santa Fe Zero has also increased in price by about 300 million Tomans.” He told.

With purchasing power declining dramatically but still not reaching zero, preserving the value of money seems to be the main reason for recent purchases as currency fluctuations and the devaluation of the national currency these days make thinking of buying instead of saving has strengthened.

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