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Publish Date : 29 July 2020 - 09:02
The rise in the value of car stocks in recent days has taken capital market participants by surprise, suggesting that the market value of symbols these days does not match the realities of companies.
Khodrocar - The stock price of the automotive group in this week's transactions has undergone a correction process due to the suspension of large companies, and this correction in the growth symbols has been more voluminous than before with the formation of sales queues.

In such a situation, the symbols of "Khodro" and "Khasapa" have surprised analysts with their dazzling reopening, and it seems that a separate path has been defined for their uptrend.

On Monday, Iran Khodro shares experienced a significant growth in just one hour with a 24% increase in stock value. Meanwhile, Saipa symbol was reopened after holding the annual general assembly due to the lack of observer permission in two consecutive auctions, with a fluctuation interval of 5%. .

Accordingly, with the reopening of the symbol of the two automotive giants, the total market value of the automotive group exceeded 500,000 billion tomans and reached 557,000 billion tomans, of which the market value of the four major automakers Iran Khodro, Saipa, Pars Khodro and Bahman Automotive Group exceeded this figure is 410 thousand billion tomans.

A study of the market and transactions of car symbols yesterday shows that 98 thousand 644 shares of the car symbol were traded yesterday, which has increased the trading volume of this popular symbol to 784 thousand 862 shares. Accordingly, the value of transactions of this share in the capital market reached 5 billion 795 million and 493 thousand Tomans yesterday, and the average price of this share stood at 728 Tomans. Statistics show that 99.5% of the buyers of these shares were real yesterday.

An examination of the Khsapa price trend also shows a 1.9 percent decrease in the value of the carmaker's shares. The price per share of Khosapa in the early hours stood at 492 Tomans and reached 503 Tomans by the end of trading, which finally recorded 507 Tomans as the average price.

The number of Saipa transactions reached 172,374 yesterday and the trading volume of this automobile group reached 2 billion 631 million and 346 shares. The value of Khosapa transactions was 13 thousand and 237 million and 162 thousand Tomans, which was transferred to negative 2 transactions with the transfer of 2 billion shares. 95.9% of Saipa buyers in the past day were real.

Capital market activists believe that although the psychological atmosphere of reaching 2 million units of resistance has not been ineffective in the negatives of the capital market these days; But one should not expect the stock index to continue to jump. Meanwhile, some market shares, including some car symbols, have had a lot of price growth, and the market value of these symbols these days does not correspond to the fundamental realities of these companies.

Of course, there are still stocks in the market that trade less than intrinsic value, and to invest, their potential can be counted on, so maybe it's time to wait for stock shifts instead of growing the overall stock index. .

Contrary to the expectations of many stock market participants, the price of large shares in the Glass Hall has neither entered a heavy correction phase nor has continued its growing path, while the rapid trend of the exchange rate in the open market has created a wave of excitement among investors. In a way, the rush to buy large volumes in symbols has multiplied tens of times, even taking the time to think about the large offerings of legal shareholders, and the celebration of price growth and daily profitability of shareholders, sidelined the talk of any analysis.

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