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Publish Date : 26 July 2020 - 09:08
Stopping the numbering of production cars with Euro 4 standard has led to the accumulation of cars in the carmakers' parking lot. Production of some of these cars has been done with a lot of problems but they won’t be plated with the lack of cooperation of environment organization.
Khodrocar - The numbering of Euro 5 products these days is a serious concern of the three major automakers in the country. Products such as the Ario, Changan and even the Peugeot glx 405 are not allowed to be numbered from the beginning of this year due to the law requiring the production of cars with the Euro 5 standard, while the car manufacturers have fulfilled their obligations despite the reduction in production.

The numbering of cars with Euro 4 standard has stopped, while last year the car manufacturers had less than half of 1996 production, and due to the sanctions, it was not possible to produce cars despite the registration obligations, and now the car manufacturers have regained their production capacity. Numbering is not given to manufactured vehicles.

This is despite the fact that car industry activists believe that not only is the level of pollution between the two standards not very different from each other, but also the lack of conditions, including the production of Euro 5 standard gasoline, will lead to the breakdown of new cars. At the same time, the requirement of this law will reduce production and increase prices.

"The first effect of car production with the Euro 5 standard in the automotive industry is the reduction of production because the industry is currently under sanctions and in the last two years the production capacity has been drastically reduced. Until the production problem is solved to some extent and the amount of production increases, but with the implementation of this law, the production capacity will definitely decrease for a while.” Amir Hossein Kakaei, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"In this direction, two issues are raised. First, the automakers have acquired the latest knowledge in terms of technology and now have a Euro 5 car ready, but in the meantime, production capacity is also raised, which, no doubt, will not decrease or increase without a reason. Therefore, either sanctions should be circumvented in some way or domestic production should be increased, which is time consuming to develop production capacity in terms of production capacity, while the standard challenge is also facing carmakers.” He said.

"This leads to an increase in car prices, and the fact that the government does not allow car prices to increase not only does not solve the problem, but also causes more damage to the carmaker because the value of the goods that the carmaker delivers to the people is more valuable than its price.” he added.

"This inadvertently leads to an increase in the price of cars in the market and at the same time increases the costs of consumers, and in general, this trend reduces the availability of goods for consumers and, on the one hand, while reducing production, it will lead to an increase in price. In this situation, used cars will be more worn.” He mentioned.

"Some believe that the government should do this, while the government does not have such a budget, and given the resources in the current situation, there are already many priorities in the country, while the lack of Euro 5 gasoline to Sufficient amount is another challenge in this regard, because with improper gasoline, these cars will soon be consumed and polluted.” He continued.

According to Kakaei, The situation in the country is such that there are more important priorities in the transport sector, while in terms of pollution, the share of cars with the Euro 4 standard is not very high, so now the priority of the car industry is not Euro 5, and unnecessary pressure on this implementation. The law increases tensions in the industrial and consumer society.

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