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Publish Date : 22 July 2020 - 09:02
The growth of car stock prices in the capital market has become the only encouragement for carmakers these days, and the welcome of the market shows that this hope will continue with the continuation of demand for the time being, meanwhile whispers of car group price growth after their placement in the new ETF series list has boosted demand.
Khodrocar - A look at the growth of car stock prices in the past month shows growth, so that the share of Kh,behman has been a record price increase. So that at the beginning of July it was 1,344 Tomans, which increased to 2,762 Tomans. After that, Pars Khodro had a record price increase and increased from 974 tomans to two thousand and 152 tomans.

(Production of car axle) was also in the next row of growth and increased from three thousand and 165 tomans to three thousand and 910 tomans. Khavar and Khagstar were also in the next row of price growth and increased from 545 and 542 Tomans to 978 and 961 Tomans, respectively. Khodro, the symbol of Iran Khodro, also witnessed a growth of 328 Tomans and reached 633 Tomans from 305. At the same time (Iran Khodro Axis Builders) also increased from 1,379 Tomans to 1,694 Tomans, and Khakerman also entered the next stage of growth, with a growth of 215 Tomans from 870 Tomans to 1,085 Tomans.

Meanwhile, Khosapa (Saipa Automotive Group) experienced the lowest growth rate in a recent month and reached 426 Tomans from 242 Tomans.

Now, the growing trend of car stocks in the past month and their inclusion in the third ETF list has created the suspicion that the growth of stock prices of this group continues, and in the meantime, the stocks of companies that are less than one thousand tomans with The continuation of this growth will reach over one thousand tomans, so that from now on there will be no car share less than one thousand tomans.

"There is no way to predict this, because stock prices are a function of supply and demand and the fundamental changes that must take place in stocks. At the same time, the policies of the Ministry of Industry towards the automotive industry are very important, and such predictions about stock prices can’t be close to reality.” Homayun Darabi, expert of stock market told khodrocar reporter.

": This action is done due to the financing and budget deficit of the government, and the condition for their success in this matter is the fundamental situation of companies, as well as the improvement of pricing and revision in this regard, and until the government does not reconsider. Companies that remain unprofitable can’t be profitable for long and be welcomed by the market.” He says about ETF part two.

"The ball is now in the court of the government to show whether it is honest and persistent in its plan to sell car shares, or whether it intends to improve the situation of carmakers, because if the situation of the car industry is not improved, it will suffer heavy losses. The future will face a major problem for the entire industry.” He says.

"At present, there is only one hope that the government will make a mistake and allow this industry to function realistically, because pricing in this industry has no benefit for the Iranian economy other than wasting resources, otherwise the same limited ability to produce from It will disappear and in this situation, the government will have to spend more money to restore the lost power and will carry out a major reform in the automobile industry until the super-critical situation is not over yet.” He added.

Now we have to wait for the time of offering ETFs and see if with the offering of these shares, the price of the automobile group will increase or not, because without a doubt, the demand for this group will increase the price.

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