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Publish Date : 20 July 2020 - 09:06
The car pricing clinic has started its work while at the end of the first month of summer, a month has passed since the carmakers 'opportunity to increase prices based on quarterly inflation, and whispers indicate that the carmakers' bids have been approved. But in the meantime, the emphasis on new car pricing by the Competition Council has become a new challenge for automakers.
Khodrocar - The car pricing clinic has held its first meeting while it seems that the main purpose and idea of establishing this clinic has been ignored because holding this meeting showed that prescriptive pricing and price suppression are still pursued in this clinic. .

According to the pre-determined law of the Competition Council, the pricing of new cars is not on the agenda of this council because according to the formula, cars less than 40 million Tomans were subject to mandatory pricing and now due to the existing inflation and the absence of a car With this price, the Competition Council has entered the pricing of all cars and intends to put the pricing of new cars on the agenda in the pricing clinic.

Experts in the automotive industry consider the idea of establishing this clinic as a preliminary plan and a raw idea, and believe that it was announced at the time of launching this clinic, since there are no 40 million Toman cars in the market due to the import ban and significant price increase. With the establishment of this clinic, the price of all cars should be determined. Meanwhile, with the price of USD 26,000 and remittances of 27,000 Tomans, as well as EUR 3,000, it is not possible to determine the order price in the automotive industry for a long time.

" Such policies not only do not work in the automotive industry, but are a solution, but also emphasize the continuation of past policies to declare that there has been no mistake in the process of car pricing in recent years." Farbod Zaveh, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter. 

"These decisions will not bring any other achievement than creating more cost and market turmoil, so they will not bring any result for the country and the automobile industry.” He added. 

"Each company continues its operations based on the financial statements and small expenses of the Kurds, as well as the statistics provided in the stock exchange, so it is useless to plan for mandatory pricing for new cars.” He said. 

"The best pricing method for new cars will be in the factory and based on the market margin, and in this case, if the automaker succeeds in making more profit, it will be required to pay taxes and its debt to the banking system. In this situation, there will be hope. The issue of pricing will be completely solved forever in the automotive industry.” He told. 

The first meeting of the car pricing clinic was held while the rumors indicate the absence of parts manufacturers in this clinic, while the parts industry as one of the factors influencing the price of cars these days is waiting for the implementation of the amendment of its contracts with car manufacturers. In these circumstances, the continuation of wrong decisions creates a new round of losses for carmakers and parts manufacturers.

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