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Publish Date : 19 July 2020 - 09:02
While the production of new products and production lines has become one of the main tasks of the automotive industry this year, automotive industry experts believe that in a year when the market is thirsty for more production and increase in circulation, the production of new products is unjustified. Rizi took a step towards a production leap so that the scenario of incomplete and non-commercial vehicles would not be repeated.
Khodrocar - Recently, with the cessation of production of assembled and sanctioned cars, the production lines of this group of cars have been hosted for the production of other cars, so that according to the latest statements, Renault is now the host of Quick Arplus. In the meantime, according to the approvals of the National Organization for Standardization and Environment, it was decided to stop the production of some cars, which has already been done, and with the implementation of this law, the production lines of these cars are empty, which will undoubtedly be hosted by the automakers' development program.

This trend raises the suspicion that domestic automakers will not be able to launch a new production line, but a look at the industry's progress in recent years rejects these claims because the new body production line has recently been developed by local experts in Pars. The car has been launched, which shows that this is not a difficult task to achieve.

"Currently, the supply of floor cars and the number of incomplete cars have increased, while this year was not the year of the car show and unveiling or the year of Pride removal, and such actions are a strategic and historical mistake and are recorded in the history of the car industry. While in 1399, the car market was thirsty for increasing circulation, car companies paid attention to the margins, such as scrapping old cars, unveiling new products, and holding lotteries and lotteries, and the quantity of production and financial discussions of car companies were forgotten. And the reduction of the cost price of the car remained as a slogan and by setting the price order, it caused a great loss to the car manufacturer.” Hasan Karimi Sanjari, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"It remains to be seen what the purpose of launching a new product line is, because in the meantime, the production of a product with a new platform, a duplicate platform with a new body and model, an old platform and model with only a new facelift is proposed and a description of the changes The new model is different, so to set up a new product line, several parameters must be considered.” He said.

"To produce new parts, you need a new supplier to put a set of parts manufacturers next to the manufacturer and help you set up a new line, so the production of a new product will be done alongside the new supply chain and cash flow.” He said.

"After this time, the product will enter the mass production phase, and in this situation, it is necessary for various products to be produced based on capacity, so that over time, a product will leave the production line and be replaced with a new product with a designated ramp. Variety and circulation of production It is necessary to observe the capacity of production lines, which is especially necessary in the days when the process of production and supply of cars is divided compared to the demand in the market, which causes market convulsions.” He mentioned.

"In this situation, there is no ramp to switch to a new product, and in such a situation, it is better to continue the production of old products to stabilize market conditions. An example of this was the elimination of Pride, while stopping the production of this car this year was not reasonable, and although according to the officials, there was no problem with the removal of this car, but the supply of the car was disrupted and production decreased and pressure on demand and market It was introduced because of the elimination of cars that could not comply with the standard, but now their elimination has put pressure on the market.” He told.

"The availability of infrastructure, the support of component makers for a new product, and sufficient cash flow to develop a new product are questions that arise for the production of a new product. Whether there is economic and technical development of the product or part is another question.” He continued.

"The market will calm down only with the increase in production, and this year, too, the production leap has been named to compensate for supply shortages, while part of the automakers' products have been destroyed due to the departure of Chinese and American partners. He took action to compensate. But what is certain is that the design of new platforms is not important for the market, because only the supply of cars is important to break the taboo of price and the supply and demand gap.” He said.

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