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Publish Date : 18 July 2020 - 09:14
Amendment of parts manufacturers 'contracts, the initial steps of which have been taken, these days are waiting for parts manufacturers' documents to enter the implementation phase, because the activity of the parts industry with currency fluctuations in recent days, along with rising raw material prices, which is calculated in dollars, continues to face serious challenges.
Khodrocar - Sapco agrees to amend parts manufacturers' contracts based on changes in exchange rates and production inputs, while partner companies such as Sazeh Gostar, Megamotor and even Sapco are currently awaiting documentation from component makers. Price changes in the automotive industry, from the price of domestic raw materials to parts that are supplied based on imports, these days have led to the concern of parts manufacturers and their voices, and in these circumstances, the price of parts is calculated at the price of 1396 in The fact that we are witnessing an increase in the price of the dollar every day will undoubtedly have negative effects on the parts industry in the long run.

In this situation, the boom of localization on the one hand and changing laws such as calculating the price of raw materials based on the FOB of the Persian Gulf on the other hand can pave the way for this industry.

"Based on repeated negotiations with Iran Khodro and Saipa, the results of which will be announced soon, the CEO of Iran Khodro will review the prices by presenting the documents provided by the parts manufacturers.” Maziyar Beigloo, secretary of part makers association told khodrocar reporter.

"The component maker must also explicitly state in his documentation the amount of valuation as well as the amount of currency that can be supplied. At the same time, the impact of domestic raw materials such as copper and aluminum on the cost price must be officially announced.” He said.

"Accordingly, all companies are aware of the value of each product, as well as the consumption of copper, aluminum and even steel, it is clear that based on these numbers, contracts will be updated and currently for months. The past is applied to fully determine the direction of movement.” He mentioned.

"Holding parts internalization tables is a guarantee to the internal manufacturer that by internalizing the parts, she will be able to sell it to the automaker.” He said. "With the beginning of the operation of the fourth internalization table, which started its work with a smaller number of parts and each of the parts present in this table will be put into operation according to a specific schedule, so that some parts are three months and others within 9 months to a year will be exploited.”

"Unfortunately, if localization reaches 100% due to the wrong laws, we still see the effectiveness and dependence of the automotive industry on the price of currency, which we hope the parliament will change this law, because domestic raw materials have nothing to do with currency. The country is produced According to the law passed by the parliament, it must be sold at the world price.” He continued.

"Accordingly, with the increase in the selling price of the dollar, the seller of domestic raw materials also increases the price in the same proportion, which shows that the entire automotive industry has become dependent on the dollar, which is due to lawmakers' disbelief in the national currency. Even if it is 100% localized, the price of raw materials will be determined based on the price of the dollar, and the dollar will increase daily, and this is the biggest mistake that has been made in recent years.” He said.

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