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Publish Date : 16 July 2020 - 09:10
The acceptance of the car registration scenario, which continues these days with various sales plans, shows the thirst of the car market, and in these circumstances, the need for car manufacturers to move towards product diversification will be more than before.
Khodrocar - In a situation where extraordinary sales plans, pre-sales and participation in the production of car manufacturers are being carried out at regular intervals, but a look at the number of registrations and also the increase in demand shows the thirst of the car market. Despite various registrations, we still see high purchase demand, and in this situation, the view is raised whether it is possible to control market demand by relying on product development?

Undoubtedly, the significant response to several periods of car manufacturers' sales plans shows the need for product development and the entry of new cars into the market. Experts in the automotive industry also believe that with the current flow of liquidity and its direction towards automobile production, considering the incentives, product development can be achieved.

"With the production of new cars by car manufacturers, it will be possible to supply cars at new prices, because according to the approvals of the Competition Council, new cars will not be subject to pricing, and in these circumstances, the possibility of controlling demand is greater.” Saeed Madani, former manager of SAIPA told khodrocar reporter.

"Supplying a car at a normal price in the market prevents further influx into the car market because the car, unlike other goods, has an immediate and future profit, and since successfully in lottery schemes, a profit of more than 50 Percentage of income buyer, there will always be demand for it.” He said.

"If the situation develops in such a way that less capital is spent by the automaker to develop the product, the automaker can proceed with more product development, while the automakers are already planning production-sharing schemes that provide liquidity from the product. This measure is used only for the daily affairs of car manufacturers.” He mentioned.

"By directing capital and liquidity to product development, the participants in this project can enjoy a higher profit margin or be given priority after mass production of a new car, which is an incentive to lead liquidity towards production.” He continued.

"Experience has shown that grammatical systems do not work well in all areas because the economy must always be free and only controlled, and it is the duty of the government to help increase production, control raw materials and prevent rents. To prepare the business environment for production and ultimately to direct capital to production, while capital and liquidity in society are now moving to the coin, currency and dollar markets. None of these markets are productive and the country's economy is struggling with a severe recession, which led to a boom in production by directing this liquidity to the capital market.” He told.

"Despite the increase in liquidity in this market, this flow is not so effective that the stock market is also accompanied by bubbles, so the stock market boom is not due to the production boom and companies' dividend margins, but this market has also become the fate of dollars and coins. If the profits of the factories increase with the increase of the producers' profits, there will be no profit margin from the place of buying and selling the stocks.” He said.

In the end, the former CEO of Saipa Automotive Group emphasizes that by directing liquidity to production, capital holders will be informed that they will be profitable with patience, so it is better for automakers to move towards product development by relying on the existing liquidity in society. To increase the product portfolio, to direct liquidity to production.

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