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Publish Date : 14 July 2020 - 09:00
According to a new proposal from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, taxation of new car buyers has been proposed. Tax experts believe that it is difficult to separate consumer cars from hoarding, but at the same time it can be relied on Taxation took place, although in the current economic climate, this decision will have a psychological effect on the market and will inflame prices.
khodrocar- Recently, the Minister of Economy, in a letter to the Supreme Coordination Council of the Armed Forces, proposed a tax on new car buyers, based on which the difference between the price of the factory door and the market tax will be levied. Buyers will not be taxed if they are final consumers, but if the car is sold in the first quarter after delivery, 75% of the difference between the purchase price and the market is taxable, and after this period, 8% of 75% is said every month. Is deducted. For example, 67% of the price difference will be taxed in the fourth month, and this process will continue for up to 12 months, after which the price difference tax will no longer be collected.

Although this proposal is predicted with a decrease in trade in the car market, but car industry experts believe that market conditions will be more difficult with the implementation of this proposal and the entry of zero cars into the market will be limited. 
Siavash Gheibi, a tax affairs expert, in an interview with Khodrokar reporter, referring to the decision to collect taxes from car buyers, says: "Tax collection from car buyers is achieved when the document is collected at the transfer stage, because if it is owned by people who They still have a car, let's go in the first stage, it is difficult to separate the consumer device from the hoarding device, and even if the kilometer is the basis for taxation, there are still ways to circumvent the law.”

 "The letter of the Minister of Economy to the heads of the forces regarding the collection of taxes from car buyers, while if it is established that a person has traded more than two cars a year, a case can be filed for these contracts based on the labor tax. An example is car imports. Currently, there are cases regarding the import of cars, with the import of 5 cars, their taxes have also been paid, but someone whose job is to buy and sell cars must pay a job tax.” He added.

 "If no one is known in the meantime, it is possible to create a job file based on the one-year transaction statistics of the person through registration and residence, according to which she will be required to pay taxes.” He said.

 "This directive will have a psychological and adjusting effect on the market, while this effect will not be created in the tax sector any time soon, and any law that is predicted and announced this year, its tax effect will appear in the coming years and the time of approval It can only strengthen its legal basis.” He mentioned.

 "In the inflammatory conditions of markets such as currency, coins, cars and housing, there are compassionate guidelines, but the effectiveness of these guidelines goes back to economic conditions, because when the devaluation of the national currency occurs, the current inflationary effect is greater than the directive effect. The normal circumstances of these directives can be enforced and have positive effects. " he continued.

 "Since all transactions are done according to the national code, and if the code with which the transaction was made is leased, a penalty will be set for it and it will be easily accessible . "he added.

Khodrocar - Although the primary purpose of this measure is to prevent intermediation in the car market, but it seems that any market manipulation and plan that causes the sales system to change from comfortable and facilitated to difficult conditions, can inflame the market and put pressure. Add more to the consumer and at the same time increase prices further at the bottom of the market.

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