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Publish Date : 11 July 2020 - 09:02
Car price adjustment based on the latest inflation statistics in the automotive industry is on the agenda, while according to the planned plans, the rationalization of prices will be on the agenda, which will not mean an increase in car prices.
Khodrocar - According to the latest market regulation, automakers will be able to request an increase and price correction every three months by submitting documents. In recent weeks, automakers have been preparing their documents to revise prices based on inflation in 1398.

This is despite the fact that prices in the open market continue to rise, and pricing based on market margins is one of the options for setting new car prices. However, officials at the Ministry of Industry, as well as carmakers, do not agree with pricing on the margins of the market, as they see rationalization of prices with the aim of preventing losses as a new strategy for pricing in the automotive industry. Undoubtedly, rationalizing prices will be accompanied by growth, but the extent of this growth is still unclear.

Meanwhile, Mehdi Sadeghi Niaraki, Deputy Minister of Industry, recently announced the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade's approach to car pricing, stressing that the ministry is strongly opposed to setting prices on the margins of the market and only seeks to rationalize prices.

"Reviewing the automaker’s prices since the 1397 till the first quarter of this year shows that they are increasing the price and meanwhile the national completion council announced the price for every 3 months according the all aspects.” He added.  

"Information is currently being reviewed, but no relevant report has been released so far, while the main goal is to rationalize the price, and this is on the agenda, and rationalizing will not mean raising prices.” He said.

"The increase in the price of cars in the market these days is due to the increase in the exchange rate, and those who look at the car as capital goods, match their offered prices with the exchange rate, which we hope will be managed by the central bank's management efforts. Demand for the currency and its stabilization in the coming days, as well as increased circulation and supply of automakers, will see the balancing of prices in the market.” He mentioned.

Since the determination of new prices announced in May was based on inflation in 1397 by car manufacturers, it seems that by examining inflation in 1398 as well as the quarter of this year and also increasing production inputs and raw materials that see price multiplication Let's see the prices rise again. Although reform does not mean an increase, according to the Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade, inflation in the automotive industry will be nothing more than an increase in prices.

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