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Publish Date : 06 July 2020 - 09:08
The use of scientific capacity and internal capabilities in the automotive industry during the sanctions period was so great that these limitations can be considered a blessing for the automotive industry, which relied on domestic capabilities to teach the industry.
Khodrocar - These days, with automakers moving toward designing and producing more national platforms, it has become clear that sanctions have provided an opportunity for the automotive industry to cut its dependence on the outside world.

Although we saw a decline in production and a drop in circulation at the beginning of the auto industry embargo, with the start of the localization movement and the start of new car design with the aim of product development, the industry showed unlike other sectors that have faced difficulties in terms of sanctions; It has no particular problem but to rely more on self-confidence and internal capabilities.

A look at the current state of production circulation shows that the situation of the automotive industry is growing, and the opportunities created by restrictions and sanctions are good opportunities, and it is necessary for auto parts manufacturers and specialists to make the most of this opportunity.

"What has already happened in this industry should have happened before, but the important thing is to pay attention to what is expected of the industry.” Javad Marzban Rad, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"Although sanctions have created financial and communication problems, they have made the most of their scientific potential, and if these capabilities are put in the right direction, they will be able to stand on their own two feet and the car industry will flourish.” He said.

"Given that sanctions have made it impossible to attract foreign capital and technical knowledge, attract brand and market partner partners, make it possible to join the global automotive value chain and produce competitively in the global classroom, we need to focus on our capabilities while relying on capabilities. It is suggested that efforts be made to make the best use of what is available in capacity.” He continued.

"One should not expect the university to do what the industry does, or vice versa, because misplaced expectations will cause expectations not to be met and will not work out after a while, and the industry will not believe in the university's capabilities. University and industry should be tested as expected.” He said.

A look at the developments in the automotive industry over the past year shows plans to increase circulation, reduce non-commercial vehicles, set up 4 parts for interior parts and 92% self-sufficiency in the auto industry introduce new products based on developed platforms and so on. The cooperation between industry and academia with the aim of designing a national platform has been the only part of the automakers' actions during the sanctions.

Since the automotive industry has an advantage in terms of market share, employment, and capacity, it must seize the opportunity to boycott, as it has shown during this time that it can rely on its capabilities to make the impossible possible.

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