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Publish Date : 04 July 2020 - 09:03
Meanwhile, the Clean Air Act requires automakers to comply with the Euro 5 standard, which has made it difficult for automakers to enforce the sanctions on the one hand, and the lack of the necessary infrastructure, including gasoline, on the other.
Khodrocar - According to Article 4 of the Clean Air Law, the sale of Euro 4 cars will be banned from the beginning of 1398 from the beginning of last year. 1399 was postponed and based on this, the sale of such cars was banned from the beginning of this year. Accordingly, we are currently witnessing the depot of these cars in the parking lots of car manufacturers due to the ban on plating.

Meanwhile, Mirzaei Qomi, head of the National Center for Air and Climate Change at the Environment Agency, stressed that no cars will be labeled with the Euro 4 standard this year, and that regulators must address the violation.

However, some automotive industry activists believe that raising the standard to Euro 5 has no effect on reducing pollution, so that if the level of pollutant particles in the Euro 4 standard is 1.8 grams, this level of pollution in a car with the Euro 5 standard will reach 1.2 and We will even see a decrease of one gram per kilometer. But Mirzaei Qomi, in response to the claim that upgrading the pollution standard of cars from Euro 4 to Euro 5 does not make such a difference in pollution, said that this claim is not true because the difference in pollution levels and quality assurance of non-pollution of Euro 4 to 100 thousand kilometers And the euro is 5 to 160 thousand kilometers.

One of the drawbacks of this law is the lack of Euro 5 gasoline. Automotive industry experts believe that automakers have repeatedly stressed the need to coordinate with the Ministry of Petroleum to produce Euro 5 gasoline, because at the time of Euro 4 production, due to low production capacity, the gasoline was distributed only in metropolitan areas. The Euro 5 coincided with the production of the Euro 5 car.

However, the head of the National Center for Air and Climate Change said that if activists in the area had seen violations and violations of fuel quality, they would have said that the fuel produced did not meet existing standards, but so far no statistics. And we haven't received any documentation. The Ministry of Health has not corresponded with the Ministry of Oil regarding these protests. Therefore, the discussion of low fuel quality is considered an excuse, unless the critics present solid documents and its official source, the National Standards Organization, announces that these documents are scientifically approved.

"At present, companies with advanced technology have disconnected from us, and although automakers have succeeded in internalizing advanced technology, they have only met part of their domestic needs through imports; But in general, all these measures have been taken as a model, and car manufacturers are not able to mass-produce these parts due to financial and sanctions problems.” Amir Hosein Kakaei, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"The implementation of the Euro 5 standard requires the use of more advanced parts, and as a result, carmakers' costs and final car prices will increase, while carmakers are not allowed to increase car prices due to order pricing, and if they follow this standard, only their accumulated losses will increase.” He said.

"In order for this plan to be effective, in addition to creating the necessary infrastructure, we must consider alternative incentives and ways for it; In a country where people are economically disadvantaged, we should not impose the use of more expensive cars on them, because in this situation, the priority of the people is to improve the economic situation rather than to pay attention to environmental issues.” He said.

At the time of numbering the vehicle, the National Standards Organization must issue a certificate of compliance with the standards and the Environmental Protection Agency must issue a certificate of Euro 4 licensing for pollution, and the police will not number the vehicle until these two certificates have been issued. Now that the car industry is facing serious problems from all sides, it is necessary to delay the implementation of this law.

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