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Publish Date : 01 July 2020 - 09:03
While these days we are witnessing inflation in all markets, including the car market, which has reduced the purchasing power along with the increase in inflation, and the demand has entered its hard shell, and in this situation, the question arises, in addition to this. Events have contributed to declining demand in the car market.
Khodrocar - The decline in demand in the car market began in March with the outbreak of the corona virus, and now, four months after the outbreak of the virus, the recession continues in the market and has led to zero demand and the closure of transactions.

Market participants believe that in the new year, despite the announcement of new car prices, although we saw a sudden increase in car prices in the market, but there was no real demand in the market, one of the main reasons for this was the decline in purchasing power. The lack of economic stability, as well as the uncertainty of the market situation, were other reasons for the decline in market demand.

In recent days, after the three-month deadline for carmakers to reconsider new prices due to inflation in the automotive sector and the announcement of inflation by the central bank, rumors of an increase in car prices in the summer season have been raised again, but still Due to the fluctuation of the exchange rate and the uncontrolled increase in the price of the dollar and its impact on the car market, this market is still without customers and the demand in this market has sharply decreased.

Although we saw an awakening demand for the market and millions of registrations at the same time as the excellent sales as well as the pre-sales plans of the automakers, this market was only limited to car registrations and was not marketed, which showed the real demand in the market. There was no cross-sectional excitement, which led to false demands.

These days, with the increase and re-pricing of cars, it was predicted that the car market would be stimulated by demand, but according to market participants, this did not shock the trading process, because waiting for the next pre-sale period prevented demands in the market.

In addition, the significant impact of currency prices on the car market and its price fluctuations should not be overlooked. In a situation where purchasing power has fallen sharply, an increase of even 5 million in the car market will lead to a decrease in demand, and in this case, car applicants will seek to meet their needs from the factory, which will reduce the number of transactions in the car market. We will be.

With this trend, it becomes necessary for the market to think of a solution with the aim of breaking the resistance of buyers. Declining purchasing power on the one hand and uncontrolled inflation on the other hand these days have put the car market in a recession more than ever and it is expected that this trend will continue until the solutions and incentives to encourage customers continue.
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