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Publish Date : 29 June 2020 - 09:08
As the capital market continues to grow these days, market participants believe that with the current growth of the market, governments are trying to increase shareholders' interest in buying car stocks, in which case we should expect further growth for this group.
Khodrocar - As other markets stagnate, the only market that has been welcomed so far is the capital market, which, with the current trend of liquidity inflows, seems unlikely to be lost any time soon, as the financial market is currently the only host of liquidity. He is wandering and during this time he has shown that he can only make people happy in the current economic situation.

"The current trend shows that all factors in the growth of the capital market, from rising inflation and currency to the recession of other markets and the confidence that liquidity has in the capital market, are ready to work together with the support of capital market officials to grow more.” Mehdi Haji Vand, expert of stock market told khodrocar reporter.

"The distinguishing feature of the capital market from other markets is that trading in this market is easier than in other markets, so the acceptance of this market is increasing.” He added.

"Under these circumstances, the automotive group has also been positively affected by the capital market, but what sets the automotive group apart from other stock exchanges today was the existence of a government-traded fund that began underwriting in May and is now growing by more than 140 percent. You've got investors. Meanwhile, the government has a third fund, including basic metals and automobiles, which the government appears to have defended from the automotive group and the market as a whole, so that the contents of the third fund, which includes car shares, can be sold at a higher price.” He said.

"Since the symbols of Iran Khodro and Saipa have stopped for two months, they are slightly more than other symbols and are currently filling this vacancy, while revaluation, capital increase and rumors of a re-increase in car prices, car stocks has been met with more success.” He said.

"Capital market growth is expected to continue, and stocks will continue to grow as liquidity enters the capital market.” Haji Vand said.

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