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Publish Date : 28 June 2020 - 09:11
As the inspectorate raises the issue of pricing and handing it over to the Competition Council, automakers are looking to find a way to avoid mandatory pricing by relying on other strategies, such as pricing on the commodity stock market.
Khodrocar - While the inspector of the inspection organization announces that he is holding meetings with the Competition Council to determine the price of the car, it seems that many measures are being taken to return the council to determine the price of the car, while the new head of the Ministry of Industry believes in the price. There is no order in the industry, but some are trying to keep the Competition Council out of the industry by proposing price reform.

These days, due to the excessive demand in the car market, this commodity has become a capital commodity by increasing the price, and this has led to an increase in the price gap between the factory and the market.

Emphasis on grammatical pricing in the automotive industry in recent years, while these days has led to a loss of 40 thousand billion tomans of automakers, which has sent the difference between factory and market prices to the pockets of brokers, while leaving this pricing model, this profit is for automakers.

Activists in the automotive industry continue to emphasize the need to get out of order pricing on the supply of cars on the stock exchange with the aim of balancing prices.

"For years, carmakers have been calling for an exit from pricing and pricing on the margins of the market so that the rents resulting from the move do not go to brokers, but so far no action has been taken.” Ahmad Nemat Bakhsh, secretary of automakers association told khodrocar reporter.

"Although the defined control strategies for buying a car can become a deterrent to false demand, the high price difference between the factory and the market still causes rents and, on the other hand, leads to losses for automakers.” He added.

"Since all the items needed by car manufacturers, including aluminum and polymer materials, are purchased from the stock exchange, it is necessary to determine a price in this financial institution, while experience has shown that with the supply of any commodity in the stock market, prices fall to So that the price of aluminum was offered at the price of 40 thousand Tomans before it was offered on the stock exchange, but with the offer on the stock exchange, this price has reached less than 30 thousand Tomans.” He mentioned.

"The successful experience of the presence of industries that are in the commodity exchange and we are witnessing the implementation of their development plans in recent years, shows the benefits of the presence of goods in the commodity exchange.” He said.

"It seems that there are no more two ways to fully organize the car market or sell the car on the sidelines of the market or use the capacity of the commodity exchange to supply the car, which has been tested in the past and has been positive.” He called.

These days, automakers are welcoming any new pricing strategy to get out of order pricing, and this has given them a high level of readiness to offer their products on the commodity exchange, since the supply of cars on the commodity exchange is double-priced. It will destroy the price of the car and create transparency in the car market. With the entry of the car in the commodity exchange, transparency and the possibility of careful monitoring by the responsible institutions, it will take its place to discuss pricing and the permanent problem of the car industry will be solved.

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