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Publish Date : 27 June 2020 - 09:05
While 45 days have passed since the appointment of the Moddares Khiabani under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, the executive measures taken by him show a special attention to the prosperity of production, especially the automotive sector.
Khodrocar - The head of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, who despite 45 days of his appointment, despite his business record in the industry, has had good support from other parts of the ministry, including industry and manufacturing, and special programs appear to be in place. In order to support these sectors, in this regard, on Thursday, while visiting PlascoCar Saipa Company, it has set up a robotic production line for this automotive group.

Presence of Moddares Khiabani in Saipa and his meetings with automakers and part makers is a proof of his attention to the auto industry. The industry which need a real special support during the current conditions with the changes of currency.

But at the same time, a look at the approvals and instructions of the head of this ministry from the time of his appointment until today shows that the growth and mutation of production is at the top of the plans of this new head and more serious steps in the automotive industry to get out of pricing. The order that has challenged the industry in recent years has been lifted.

These measures show that the young head of Achilles heel has recognized the automotive industry and taken steps to eliminate it. Meanwhile, providing prices on the margins of the market, as well as negotiating with the central bank to facilitate the supply of foreign exchange, have been other measures taken by the young head of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade.

Holding meetings of the Automobile Committee on holidays and emphasizing on holding tables for domestic production with the aim of saving currency shows the emphasis of the Moddares Khiabani on the leap of production.

Although he has been active in the field of business for many years, he has shown during his tenure that he is well aware of the problems and challenges of the industry and now we have to see what plans he has for this ministry and its key sectors.

Undoubtedly, Moddares Khiabani will show what steps he will take in the development of this sector during the year of production jump and what plans he has for other industries until he receives the vote of confidence. Undoubtedly, this sector of economic progress can play a more important role in the economy these days than ever before, so paying attention to this sector is also very important.
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