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Publish Date : 25 June 2020 - 09:17
The car market these days, like other markets affected by the exchange rate, is witnessing an upward trend in prices, and this increase is seen more in high-consumption cars, which has deepened the market recession and locked the market.
Khodrocar - In a situation where car prices are not priced in the ceiling and base market, car owners are now arbitrarily setting prices, which has caused more confusion in the car market. Meanwhile, currency fluctuations along with the created false demand have caused more and caused the prices to rise. Although there is no trading in this market, the psychological effects of prices will not be very positive.

"After the lottery, the pre-sales as well as the extraordinary sales of the market had calmed down a bit, but these days, with the increase in the price of the currency, we are witnessing an increase in the prices in the car market again.” Nemat Allah Khashani. Inspector of car show owners union told khodrocar reporter.

"Due to the fluctuation of prices in recent days, there is no tendency to buy and sell in the car market, so trading in the market has fallen sharply.” He mentioned.

"At the same time as the lotteries, we saw a drop in prices in the car market, but in recent days, as the dollar has fluctuated, prices have risen.” He said. "There is currently no market for cars, and no seller is willing to sell their car, and the market is in limbo.”

 "Currently, the cars that have the most consumption have faced a higher price increase, so that now the price of Peugeot 206 Type 2 in the market has reached 135 million Tomans.” He said. "Everyone is expecting a drop in prices because it is expected that as the price of the currency decreases, so will the price of the car in the market.”

"Since there are certain filters for registering these cars, no doubt all the buyers of these cars are real consumers, and in this situation, we will see a decrease in prices in the market with the delivery of cars.” He said.

"Since it is illegal to buy and sell these points, no one is willing to do so, because with the mortgage of the car document with the car companies, no buyer is willing to have another person's license plate and at the same time no seller.” He said.

"The market is waiting for the exchange rate to fall to reduce inflammation, as we will no doubt see lower prices in the car market with stability or lower exchange rates.” He predicted about the future of auto market.

Control of the car market has been one of the issues criticized by the people and officials in recent years, and the managers of the Ministry of Industry have presented various programs to solve it. Have in the market.
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