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Publish Date : 24 June 2020 - 09:10
Simultaneously with the implementation of the eighty-five standards and the cessation of production of some old products, efforts to produce new products by automakers have begun, and its effects will emerge this year.
Khodrocar - The diversity of production and development of products in line with modern technology is one of the necessities of today's automotive industry, which will not be achieved except by relying on the power of knowledge-based companies. Today, the automotive industry is forced to move towards smartening and producing new generation cars, because otherwise the automotive industry will lag behind the path of global development.

Accordingly, car companies are looking to remove old products from the production and increase cycle, as well as diversify their product portfolio by relying on new products.

The suspension of production of two Pride models, as well as the plan to stop the third model this summer and increase the capacity of Saina and Tiba, which is on the agenda of Saipa Automotive Group, is in line with the variety of product portfolios of this automotive group. The production of Shahin as well as the design of another product of this platform is in line with the development of the product portfolio, and at the same time, Iran Khodro has put the production of several new products on its agenda.

The move comes as automakers have been forced to resume production of old cars due to the return of sanctions, as well as the withdrawal of foreign partners from the automotive industry, which has led to consumer dissatisfaction. These conditions, along with the lack of liquidity as well as the loss of 40,000 billion tomans of car manufacturers, had made the variety and development of the product a dream for the automotive industry.

Undoubtedly, this is due to the neglect of research and development in the automotive industry in recent years, while this is the engine of technological change and subsequent product development in international automotive companies, but the cost of research and development in the Iranian automotive industry. It accounts for a small amount, while the global automotive industry invests about 100 billion tomans annually in the research and development sector.

In Iran, about one to three percent of the financial turnover of automakers is spent on research and development, and most of the budget allocated in the form of projects. The development of the new product is dedicated to large automotive design consulting companies and their collections.

The Research Center of the Islamic Consultative Assembly recently announced in a report that the reason for the lack of growth of domestic design and engineering companies by car companies is the cost of personnel and prototyping services, measurement and testing of new products and internal monitoring departments, as well as the cost of design and development.

The trend of recent years in the automotive industry and its backwardness due to neglect of research and development has led automakers to take steps to develop the product by relying on internalization and domestic power, the initial achievements of which are in the process of implementation.

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