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Publish Date : 23 June 2020 - 09:08
Relying on the power of the university, the national car project, which has been an unsuccessful example of cooperation between industry and academia in recent years, has entered a new phase of implementation with the arrival of parliamentarians.
Khodrocar - The first car designed based on the national platform called NP01 was designed, produced and unveiled at Iran University of Science and Technology last year, the project of which was developed in 2011 by the Supreme Council of Science, Research and Technology.

The activities of the National Platform Production Project started in 2012 by a 440-member delegation. The delegation consisted of professors and students of several scientific centers such as the University of Science and Technology as the main axis of the project, Khajeh Nasir al-Din Tusi University in power system design, Amir Kabir University in propulsion design and Tehran University as project manager.

In the presented model NP01, which was produced for the first time in the country, the safety and design of the metal parts of the body was equal to the global stars, and according to the forecasts, it was decided to start the production of this car in 2017. The National Platform plan was initially approved with a budget of 100 billion Tomans, but until 2015, one billion Tomans was paid as the budget for the National Platform Plan.

Meanwhile, Abolfazl Khalkhali, an assistant professor at the Faculty of Automotive Engineering, has previously criticized officials for not paying attention to the capabilities of domestic experts, saying that sometimes officials do not seem to believe in domestic capabilities and have turned a blind eye to working with foreign companies.

"At present, the world's largest automakers, which do not exceed 12 companies, have special platforms, such as Ford, the founder of the platform. Currently, the production of unique products in the world has been removed from the logic of product development because many costs are spent on the production of only one product, so today development is happening for families of one product and this family is developing simultaneously.” He said.

"The rest of the parts inside the design and production are produced by modern companies around the world. The body, interior trim, suspension components, part of the platform's brakes and gearbox are among the parts that are produced domestically. Therefore, since the platform shares about 60% subscription, it is possible to produce 5 products on this platform simultaneously.” He said.

An examination of previous experiences shows that so far every mission entrusted to the university has been successful, so that with the small budget allocated to it, it has been able to go beyond expectations.

The latest move calls for a joint committee between the Ministry of Silence, which includes IDRO and the ministry's deputy for industrial affairs, to be set up with the University of Science and Technology to design a national platform for building a national car.

It seems that while automakers are trying to implement internaliztion projects and reduce dependence on other countries and foreign companies, the best course of action could be to rely on domestic power.
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